Sunday, June 3, 2012

May in a Nutshell

Annnd I am back.

Whew. Sorry to leave you all for so long. May was a crazy crazy month. I will eventually get around to talking about the trip, but I thought I would do a quick May summary and then we can all move on to June. (I have a strange need to keep things chronological, so I HAVE to write this blog in order and skipping the trip is messing me up but that is how it is going to be)

First some of the sad bits…After we got back from our trip Mike got some bad news from home, his grandmother passed away and he had to fly back to Halifax. She was a great woman, who made amazing food! His family is doing well, but still a sad time for them. For that whole week I didn’t feel right blogging about all the fun times we had in France when Mike and his family were going through that, so I just disappeared from the social media world.

Also just yesterday there was a shooting at the Eaton all my relatives don't worry I wasn't there, Mike and I are safe..etc. etc.

Ok…on to the not sad stuff…

Things I did in May:


Finally had an IKEA run and bought a second dresser. Before this dresser all of my non important clothes (jeans, gym pants) were chilling in little baskets on the floor...which then became the Moseby’s fav sleeping spot..not cool. So with this new dresser, Moseby has a new sleeping spot and he LOVES it.
The Mose..being cute
After the trip to IKEA complete with cheap food, Mike and I went to see the Avengers and it was awesome!


The weather has been absolutely amazing in Toronto for the entire month of May. On the long weekend Katie, Travis, Mike and I had a great BBQ on the patio at our building. It was just as nice as going out to dinner and it was way cheaper! I also have been enjoying the balcony of our apartment. I am terrified that Moseby will freak out and jump over the edge, so I rigged up safety system involving rope and a leash that prevents him from doing anything crazy. safety nerd is showing

This past weekend Mike’s cousin was visiting, so we ended up all hanging out at his friend’s house and had a BBQ…on a Patio. I <3 Summer!


Since gym has not been happening this month (more on that later) I went on a big rollerblade with my friend Brittany the long weekend. It was great! I hope to fit in a lot more rollerblading this summer. After we went to a free circus! The performers were amazing!
New life goal..running away and joining the circus..JK!!


On last Sunday Mike and I participated in the World Partnership Walk with my company. It was in support of the AKFC to end global poverty. I think they said that there was about 8000 people there, so a huge event. I always am amazed to see this many people out at things.
Oh hai half the population of Bathurst!
It was also nice to see work people outside of work!


Ugh, this is actually what has consumed my life for the past two weeks. I have been tutoring non stop. I am really enjoying working with the kids (they are all great), but 50 hours of tutoring in May/June may have been a bit ambitious.
Oh well, one of the girls just finished her exam so I am down to 2 students left… much more reasonable. And since I have been tutoring so much, and working more than 40 hours a week at my real job, it has been very nice on my bank account! Not only am I making more money, I don’t have time to spend it haha.

So that was May in a nutshell.

Now that tutoring is winding down I need to take a second and think about what I am going to do with all my free time in June.

1. GYM/Exercise- I haven’t gone to the gym much since mid April and it is time to get back into the habit. Starting this week I am back on track...I am totally looking forward to it!

2. Reading/TV- All relaxing activities have been put on hold because of tutoring so the next month is all about catching up on the TV shows that I missed this season, and reading Hunger Games!

3. Organizing my e-life. I have about 2 years of photos that need to be organized and possibly uploaded to FB so I better get on that.

4. Being outside- If this fabulous weather continues I want to spend as much time outside as possible, hopefully hanging out with friends!

June looks pretty good!

Do you have any big plans for June? Anyone else freaked out by the current events in TO!