Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Recap in Meme Form!

It has been 30+ degrees all week in TO, and I am loving it (a little rainy and thunderstromy, but that is ok!) (I started writing this post on the weekend..now it is about 18 degrees...cursed :P)

After finishing up with all of my tutoring students, and moving to a job with less crazy hours, my schedule has freed up just in time for the nice weather..lovely how that worked out!

In the past little bit my free time has been full of Potlucks, Biking, Adventures, and TRIATHLON TRAINING.

Also also...I took no pictures of any of these things...FAIL! So I will describe it in MEMEs!!

The last weekend of May I volunteered with the World Partnership Walk, and spent a warm Sunday morning telling people all about the event. This was after a late night out with my friends, but I managed to make it through the morning (Coffee, lots and lots of coffee!) Mike was awesome and volunteered too!

I may have been the ESPRESSO one!!
Another adventure was paintball…never again. It was a groupon, and I realized spending an afternoon shooting people in a dim lit arena thing, not my idea of a good time. It was also painfull..I got hit in the head and and had a headache for the week. Luckily we only spent about 15 bucks for the whole afternoon. I think laser tag sounds more fun.

This Paintball seems less painful

What was way more fun than paintball: A weekend escape at the Cottage. Some friends and I headed up to my families’ cottage in the Muskokas and spent the weekend relaxing, swimming (it was really cold), and playing hide in go seek, yes we are all in our twenties, yes it was awesome.

Some food highlights from this past month: 2 epic potlucks…

1. Slider themed potluck, everyone brought a different kind of slider..I made chickpea sweet potato burgers from Clean eating magazine, and they were delicious!!

2. Bacon potluck, everyone had to bring a dish that included bacon, we had ceaser salad, bacon weave quesadilla, bacon and cheese biscuits and pork back...and bacon ceasers!!! (Sodium overload!!)

Some exercise highlights:
I got two weeks out of the 11 week training program done pretty much exactly! Finally back on track with going to the gym/working out 5 days a week+!! I will go into more detail with the training program in the next little bit, because over the summer I want to blog at least three times a week, and actually take pictures just not leave memes :P.
Do it!! All the Comments!

What is your favorite meme?? What is your favorite BACON/Potluck idea!?


  1. Paintball does not sound fun to me. I think I would have an anxiety attack. Haha. Laser tag on the other hand, is so fun!

  2. It was so bad!! Definitely was not as fun as 10 Things I Ate About You makes it seem :D