Sunday, January 31, 2016

Annnd we're back!

Helllloooo cannn you hear meee??

Happy 2016 everyone, with one day left of January I feel like I can still get away with saying that! 
Also, happy 5 year blog-o-versery! Although I haven't written a post in a while, I was still snapping photos for the past 6 month going "ooo this would make a good blog post." get all caught up...

Quick recap from the last post: 
July: Relaxing, maxing out cool, sitting in a pool! Anndd..eating delicious food and BBQ PIZZZA! (Man now I really miss summer...I forgot how hot July was, it was awesome!)
Our backyard addition!

Our -1 month anniversary brunch!

Soaking up the rays with the Moseby

We made dis. BBQ Pizza + Peaches...mmmm.


August: WE GOT MARRIED!!! Woooo! I promise I will talk about this more in another blog post.

August also featured our mini honey moon in Cape Breton chase!!

September was back to reality, we started half marathon training, accidentally matched one day, and we ran a 10 km run! 

October featured some late BBQs and oh yah...A HALF MARATHON!!

Photo bombed by the bat ladies

November also featured marathons...of netflix and food. Seriously this is one of the only photos worth sharing from November:
Maple Bacon Doughnut

December was usual Christmas stuff, vacation back to the Maritimes and visiting with family and friends...

And we are all caught up!! 

Tomorrow...I talk about the theme of my January: De-Junking!