Monday, April 27, 2015

#MotivateMe Monday: Week 5/6 and my first 15 km Run

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Last week:
Monday: wk4w2- DONE (with extra Burpees)
Tuesday: Rest day and Maybe some burpees Wk5w1 (strength)- I forgot my phone so I did a similar workout
Wednesday: Walk Semi Rest
Thursday: Rest 30 min walk
Friday wk5w1/w2 without the burpees
Saturday wk5w3 30 Burpees before dinner+walk
Sunday wk5w4 (ish) + 1 hr of rollar blading

As much as last week was a slightly messed up tutoring week, and busy with wedding invitations (seriously we spent ALL day on Saturday fighting with at home printing), I managed to fit in most of the workouts. I missed the long run, and I was short 60 burpees, and didn't push myself on workout 4 but overall not too bad.

On Saturday I was suppose to do a long run, but after fighting with invitations all day, I really didn't feel up to it. I have this huge issue with Running from Point A to Point B and back to point A, especially if I have done the same path before. I always want to give up and turn around and go home. So I decided to try a new strategy....I planned to RUN HOME FROM WORK.  My office is about 15 km away. I was planning on a walk/run, and worst case if I was dying I could hop on a street car.  I have done 10 km before, so I figured running an extra 5 km wouldn't be a huge stretch.

I got to work and realized I forgot my phone (again!), and was going to call the whole thing off. No way was I doing a 15 km walk/run with no music. I was going to go to the gym, but I didn't feel like it, and decided just to take a rest day and consider the walk home from the go train station as my exercise. 

Then, at the end of the day, I did the math. I had just missed the Go Train, so if I waited around for the next train, and then the 30 minute walk home, then a 1 hour gym session, I realized I could run home and be done my commute and exercise in about the same time.  Then I remembered that I had a little portable radio (that looks like a ballin') in my desk from back when I didn't have a data plan, so I was all set for music! It also helped motivate me knowing that my friend Erin was training her butt off for Spartan race, and I would fall behind if I missed this run. That was all I needed to decide to RUN!

Then I realized I had no socks. Fail. Not letting that stop me I decided to start the run and then stop at a Shoppers and buy socks. I also bought gummy candies for run fuel, since by now it was 5:30pm and I was starving!!

My run was lovely. It wasn't too hot, but the sun was out, glistening off the lake. I've biked the same route before, and ran parts of it, but because I knew I was in it for the long haul I allowed myself to relax a little bit and stop and smell the roses so to speak. (Or in my nerdy case, stop and read all the historical signs). 
Same view, ~one year ago
Also, because I didn't have my phone, I wasn't caught up with tracking my time or my steps, or taking pictures. Because the radio was fairly cumbersome and very sensitive for tuning, I picked the first station that was clear and listened to that all the way home. I wasn't worried about fiddling with volume or finding the best running song.  It was slightly freeing to be somewhat "unplugged".  I love all of the apps out there that track everything: sleep, steps, posture, cadence, heartbeat, pace etc. When I was triathlon training they came in handy, and they are great for improving my baseline. But some times all I really need is sneakers, socks(!), gummy candy, and maybe some tunes. 

I made it home in about 1.75 hours (including the sock stop), and did a lot of walking (mostly to read the historical facts). But I was still able to run at the end, and wasn't dying when I got home. Considering that around 5 years ago I got winded walking the 1km to school, I think I'll call that a success. 

I also didn't eat all the candy, and now have more gym socks, that was also a success!

As I have mentioned before here, as much as I was never super unhealthy, it still sometimes boggles my mind at how far I have come from the end of university, and I'm so glad I still have the motivation to keep going!! 

This week: 
Monday: 15 km run (wk5w3)
Tuesday: Semi Rest 
Wednesday: W6w1- Strength (+extra burpees)
Thursday: W6w2- HIIT 
Friday: Rest?
Saturday: W6w3- need to do hills!
Sunday: W6w4


  1. I used to bike to work in one of my old jobs and loved it! Now I work a bit too far away for that so I drive in and out everyday! I do miss it in the summer! Instead, I workout during my lunch hour! I always leave my gymbag in the car!

  2. Extra burpees! You're a rockstar. I actually really like running out and back and familiar courses. I guess I'm a creature of habit.