Monday, May 4, 2015

#Motivate ME Monday Week 6/7 Spartan Race Training- 28 km week!

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Full workouts hereLast week: Monday: 15 km run (wk5w3)- Done
Tuesday: Semi Rest
Wednesday: W6w1- Strength (+extra burpees)- Rest
Thursday: W6w2- HIIT   Wk6W1- Strength
Friday: Rest?  W6W2 HIIT (ran out of time for all the burpees)
Saturday: Wk6w3- DONE! 8 Mile run, 150 burpees
Sunday: W6w4 Rest
Monday: Wk6W4

Negatives about this week. I slacked on Wednesday. I could have gone to the gym and spaced out the workouts, and instead I came home and did wedding stuff. Still productive, but I regretted that decision on Saturday. Stacking the the workouts and doing 28km of running this week made Sunday a unplanned rest day, meaning now I have to play catch up this week, which is the most intense training week (taper starts next week). Ahhh!

Now for the positives: 28 km of running!!! As mentioned last week, I needed to get my miles/km up to be prepared for the Spartan race. So after a non timed/tracked 15 km, I decided this Saturday to do a 13km run to my Aunt and Uncle's for dinner. One of the major highways was closed so I figured instead of sitting in traffic I might as well get some exercise...didn't hurt that it was gorgeous out!

I spent the afternoon gardening, which is a pretty good workout itself!!

After- Work In progress!
Then I laced up and hit the pavement. My route was all uphill. Yay. But, as mentioned, it was SOOO NICE OUT. I love being outside, and after major cabin fever, I was very happy to be running outside wearing a t-shirt. My run took me over the abondoned highway (closed for construction...looks freaky).

0 traffic
Then I went through High Park. I love big cities because of their big parks. Growing up most people spent time in their own back yard, but in the city everyone goes to the park, and I love the lively energy the parks get in the spring and summer. Everyone is out BBQing, playing frisbee, enjoying the weather. It is nice! 

Every Mile I was trying to stop to do a circuit (as detailed in the workout link above), but my body was having none of it. Stacking the workouts made my legs feel like lead. I did manage to do burpees and pushups at the first 3 miles. After that I ran out of park, until I got to the 8 mile mark. 

8 Miles, 30+ Burpees and Pushups: 1:30. 

My pace isn't the best (a lot of walking/running), but I'm impressed that I don't feel dead after..which gives me confidence in completing the race. My goal isn't for any sort of time record, just to physically be able to do the race. 

Oh and then I did 90 burpees to "catch" up from Friday's workout. I then walked up the super steep hill to my Aunt and Uncles and scarfed down supper (burgers!!). I find when I do long runs I am STARVING by the end. Maybe it is just thirst??

Anyway, only 2 more weeks until the race!! AHHH! I feel like running will be ok (even though I'm sure the hills will be killer), but the strength part will still be a challenge. I am getting stronger (PB 80lbs Dead Lift 6sets of 4 reps, and 60 pushups..from my toes), but no way will I be able to do monkey bars in two weeks! Oh well, at least I'm getting good at those burpees!!

Plan for this week: 
Monday Wk6w4- Done
Tuesday Rest
Wednesday- Early AM Wk7w1 and Rest
Thursday - Rest?
Saturday- Science Chase (depending on how much running this may count as Wk7w3
Sunday- Wk7w4

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  1. Great job Kaylee! I love how you turned the BBQ and traffic gridlock into an opportunity! Don't worry about your speed and pace, that will develop on it's own with consistency in training. Have a great week and I can't wait to hear how this last week of training goes before your taper!!