About Me

Welcome to this little blog! 

I started this blog in January 2011, because I was done school, looking for work, and thought I would be bored. I was used to having no free time between engineering school, student government, and a million other things, so my blog was a way to document my adventure of leisure!  Since then, I have found a job, moved to Toronto, and have continued this blog to chronicle my completely normal life! 

The blog is called the Pink Hard Hat because on one summer work term I got a Pink Hard Hat, and I think it sums me up nicely. I am an Engineering Girly, who loves constructions sites, calculations, explosions and big trucks. But I also love to cook, go to fun gym classes, watch good (and bad) tv, do crafty projects, and to dream about a closet full of expensive shoes. 

When I am not blogging, I am tutoring or spending time with my sig other Mike, and our cats Mosesby and Tesla. I may also be getting lost in Toronto! I moved to Toronto in June 2011, and have been loving every minute of it (except for the traffic). I am enjoying exploring the city more, trying new restaurants and meeting new people!

I hope you enjoy reading, and please send me some comment love if you have a second, I love hearing from my readers!!


  1. Girl, do you have Twitter or Instagram? I'd like to follow you for post updates, etc :)

    1. I finally got on the twitter train, and added a button above!

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