Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Training While on Vacation!

Hi from Rainy/Sunny/Rainy Dartmouth Nova Scotia!

It is time for update of my training!!

Friday-Hot Yoga
Saturday- Swim (350m), Bike 10 km
Sunday- Rest Day
Monday- 40 min Run
Tuesday- 20 min Run, Body Pump, 1.5 hr Rollerblade, 400 m swim
Wednesday- Hot Yoga
Thursday- 30 min Walk/Run
Friday- 10 km Bike, 15 min Run
Sat- 400 m Swim
Sun- BRICK (10 km bike, 4 km walk/run)
Mon-15 min Run/ 25 min walk
Tues-30 min walk/run, weights, Body Flow
Wednesday-450m+ Swim

Two weekends ago (last minute plans) I went up North for a friend’s stag/doe and we made a road trip of it stopping at Sauble Beach. 

It was totally worth the drive, gorgeous white beaches, and super warm water! Sauble itself is such a cute town, and for supper that night I had a delicious fish taco and some roasted corn on the cob from a hipster food truck. The Stag and Doe was a lot of fun too..stayed up way too late, but overall a good time!

Knowing that we were not going to able to fit in a workout Saturday or Sunday, Mike and I decided to get up super early on Saturday before we left to fit in our own Try-a-Tri. At 6:45 we got up and did the swim, then hopped on our bikes for a 10km loop. Mike has a road bike so he bikes faster than me, but I thought the understanding was we would just do it in our own time and then meet back near the apartment. At one point in our route the path splits in two and rejoins, and we both took different ones. I assumed Mike had just booked it home, meanwhile he had stopped to wait for me. So I arrived to the apartment, and no Mike. I waited for a while and then headed back down the trail to find him thinking something had happened to him and/or his bike..he also assumed that I was injured/stuck, and came looking for me…long story not so short after an extra 15-20 mins of biking we finally reconnected, but by that point we had no time to do the run, so the run was pushed until Monday night when we came back.

Monday’s 40 min run was the longest I have ever ran (Walk/ran) in my life! I did 10 mins of running, followed by 1 min walk/3 min run for the rest of the felt awful/awesome all at the same time. Tuesday I had planned to do the run/body pump/swim, but my friend Brittany asked me to join in on a rollerblade (yes it was 35 degrees in TO yesterday), so I did it ALL! The 400 m swim was painful, but awesome. Waking up Wednesday morning at 5:45 to go to Hot Yoga was slightly more painful..With all that extra working out, I treated myself to ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI on Wednesday night om nom nom. Thursday I did a 25 min run, and packed to go on vacation! 

I’m off for two weeks! Currently on a road trip back out east to see my family/Mike's family.Typically vacation for me means 0 exercise and lots of snacks, but not this year! I am taking full advantage of the opportunity for some open water swims, and we even brought our bikes with us. 
I went for a swim before the storm hit!
For the road we also packed a ton of healthy snacks for the road to avoid the temptation of McDonalds and Chippies. 
Mmmm snow peas!!
So far we have been sticking to the plan pretty well. Obviously on vacation there is a little more calorie intake (pie anyone?) but there is more free time to work out! Today I went for a swim at the local pool, and realized that my condo pool is definitely not 25 m, so I am way behind on my swimming training! Yikes!

One thing I am noticing though, is I am hitting a wall with the training. Running more than 30 min is hurting my soul, more than 10km bike is painful, and swimming without stopping is becoming an issue as the lengths go up. I don't know if this is normal and I just have to work through it, or maybe it is my sign to just do a try-a-tri this year. I am going to push myself for the next few days and see how it goes, and then make a decision what race to register for. 

Is hitting a wall normal?? Anyone else exercise for pie?

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