Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation Part 2- Training in the Rain

Hey all, hope you are enjoying your long weekend and/or Monday!

I'm back from But this time I was smart and gave myself the holiday Monday to unpack (aka watch 4 episodes of True Blood) and relax before heading back to work tomorrow.

When we last left off I was in Dartmouth NS visiting with Mike's family. On Wednesday we had a big family dinner, then on Thursday we got to see some of our University friends! On Friday we got up and went to the gym, then headed to Cape Breton to visit Mike's extended family. Friday-Monday was spent in Sunny/Rainy/Cloudy Cape Breton, and then Monday we headed back up to Bathurst. In Bathurst we enjoyed a family party with my family, seeing one of my besties, and a surprise visit from Mike's parents (surprise to my parents, not to us!).

While we were on vacation we managed to stick so most of the training plan, out of the 16 days I missed 3 But I am going to make sure I get them in.

Thursday- 15+ km Bike (IN THE RAIN)
Friday- Body Pump+ Walk
Saturday- Missed Bike (Did Yard Work instead)
Sunday- Missed Run (Long walk instead)
Monday- Missed Swim (crappy weather for a swim)
Tuesday- 15 km bike (IN THE RAIN)
Wednesday- 40 min run
Thursday- Pitiful 600 m swim
Friday- Brick (IN THE RAIN)
Saturday- 60 min walk in the sand- that totally counts as a 30 min walk/run.
Sunday-16 hr drive and sleep 
Monday- Swim (800ish m) and I'm planning a long run tonight

I officially registered for the triathlon this week. No backing out now!! I am kind of scared though because I know I am ready for a try-a-tri now, but I don't know if I am going to be ready in 4 weeks for double that distance, even though I have stuck to the training plan pretty well. Specifically, I am seriously freaking out about the swim part of this triathlon. I was suppose to use my vacation for swim training, but it was only about 20 deg outside, and colder in the water, and there were jelly fish, so every time I would swim, I would freak myself out that I was going to get stung in the face. My plan is that for the next 4 weeks I swim 5x a week. That should work to get me ready in time.

I did a brick on Friday, and as per usual with any bike training it was in the rain, but that made it awesome. 
Soaking wet after the Brick..but feeling good!!
I did a 9km bike, and a 3km walk/run in 44 minutes, which is half of my goal time for the 20km bike and 5 km run (1:30), that made me feel a little better about registering for the sprint distance. 

I think I was freaking myself out because I made a goal of “not being last”. I have now revised my goal to finish the friggin thing. I don't care if I have to crawl across the finish line!!

As for sticking to a calorie restriction on vacation...umm..yah that didn't happen. I did track it, but it was pretty bad. I may have ate 1/3 of a coconut cream pie #sorrynotsorry. At least I got some sort of exercise every day so I'm pretty sure I didn't gain copious amounts of weight I just definitely didn't lose any! Back on track with the healthy noms this week!

Other than that I totally am using training to distract me from post vacation blues. Exercise is better than sitting around moping. Plus August is going to be awesome...featuring: family, friends, mud hero, city chase, and MORE!! Mike and I have 2 days with nothing planned for the whole month! Ready...GO!!! Plus I was pretty excited to come back to these cool cats. 
The are sooo excited that we are back..can't you tell. 
Anyone eat a 1/3 of a pie and have have 0 regrets? Anyone else have exciting plans for August?

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