Tuesday, August 13, 2013

City Chase Round 3!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

What a week..whew! I feel like vacation was forever ago. In this post triathlon training and city chase!

After publishing last week’s post, I went out and did a 50 min run/walk (just under 10 km) and it felt great! I only took a few breaks, and I ran the last 16 minutes straight. Booyah. Pretty good from my first 30 min outside run where I couldn’t run for more than 2 minutes about 8 weeks ago!

So this week looked like:
Monday- 650 m swim, 50 min run
Tuesday- Run 30m, Body Pump (missed swim)
Wednesday- Swim 600 m, Bike 15 km
Thursday- Swim 400 m, (missed Brick)
Friday- Hot Yoga
Saturday- City Chase (instead of a 50 min run)
Sunday- Rest
Monday-15 km Bike in the AM, 500 m swim in the PM
Tuesday-30 min Run, body pump, 600 m swim

On Saturday Mike and I did City Chase for the 3rd year (it is an amazing race style 6-hr event in Toronto..click here to find out more). For some reason this year we finished our mandatory 10 chasepoints really fast, so we decided to go for the Enduro –chase, which is basically you just try to do as much as possible during the 6 hour race.
We ended up getting 19 done in the nick of time. Chase points included:

A. Nathan Phillips Square to Start
Still Early!


 B. Learning a dance and performing it to a judge

C. Jumping in a pool and finding a matching sunken puck and a floating duck-nice cool down for the day!
D. Holding a giant lizard, and answering animal trivia questions

Daww it's adorable!
E. A photo scavenger hunt of us/strangers doing funny things using the new Blackberry Q10
F. Performing a joke to a panel of comedians, or getting a pie in the face. (I didn’t get the pie, and they were tough!)
G. Shot for Shot-One team member tried to hit a target with a paintball, if they missed the other had to do a gross shot (juice and either hot sauce, soy sauce or vinegar). I did all three..thanks Mike.
H. Leading your blindfolded team member through a marked path, if you touched anything you had to eat something gross we didn’t have to!
I. A SLIP AND SLIDE/Puzzle Challenge
J. Portage Obstacle Course- Physically the hardest challenge
K. Sledge Hockey
L. Slack-Lining
M. Climbing over a bus/figuring out how to use the Z10.
N. Truck Pull-We were the only team there so we had to do it ourselves
Sooo intense!!
Mike was pumped for this one!

P. Frizbee Golf
Q. Australian football pass and kick (with super nice Aussie Guys!)
R. Kangaroo Shoes
S. “Scion” Says
T. Goodlife Fitness Challenge- We had to burn 200 calories as a team- in less than 10 minutes. Mike did well on this one!
19 Chasepoints!
We barely made it!

All over the city!!!

Whew that made me tired just thinking about that! In the end the team that won got 22 chase points, we were most likely 5th for the enduro-chase. If you ever have an opportunity to try City Chase I highly recommend it!!

Now off to swim!! 

Have you ever done an adventure race? Anyone else make friends with a lizard?

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