Saturday, August 31, 2013

Twas the Night Before my Triathlon...

...and all through the house..Kaylee was freaking out!!!!!!
I can't believe that tomorrow I will be running the race I have been training for all summer!

Notice the Xs. I Didn't Miss Any!!
This week was a taper week, so on Monday I did glorious glorious hot yoga, Tuesday was a 30 min run and a 600 m swim. Wednesday I took a rest day, and Thursday was a 600 m swim, Friday was a 10 km easy Bike and today was a tri test with a 200 m swim, 5 km bike, and 1 km run.

On today's bike I got a flat. I left my bike with Mike and ran a little loop, when I got back to him there was a legit biker helping him fix it all up. This guy was super nice, got everything all fixed up, and after he finished (he gave us a new tube etc.), he just said "pass it on" and then biked away. When we got our stuff together, and hopped on our bikes, the guy was gone, no where to be seen on the trail...spooky. Either he was a ghostie, or more likely a really fast biker haha. So nice either way!

So now my bike is all ready to go for the race, and I guess so am I! I still think I am not physically prepared, the individual events are still challenging for me, let alone putting them all together, and I have a wierd muscle soreness in my hip/thigh/groin region that is very tender on the run. I am still beating myself up during training (I'm not fast enough, I can't do this, I should have done a try-a-tri). But on the other hand I feel like I've got this. are going down!!!

I have done my best to be mentally prepared. I have researched everything I can about the race. I have used google maps, and run tracker and went out to the site. I went to watch the Tri when Mike did his duathlon. I have googled what to eat, what to wear, what to bring etc. Mentally,  I got this. 

For the prep, today I ate some oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and for supper tonight I made a delicious spicy pasta dish. (Some people recommended to stay away from spicy food, but I am throwing caution to the wind on that one.) I have also been drinking a lot today to get hydrated.

Tomorrow I plan to eat half a bagel with PB, and a banana, and then just drink lot before, during and after the race. I know from my early morning hot yoga classes that I would prefer to be hungry on the race than feeling gross, so I am going to keep it light tomorrow AM.

Tomorrow I also have to get up at 5:00 am to get out to the race. Gah. I am also going to Shakespeare in the Park tonight and I plan on coming home and going right to bed. Therefore my stuff is already packed:
Pack all the things!!
I have: 
Race Outfit (Trishorts, sportsbra and workout top pretending to be a tri shirt)
Sweater, Tank top and Leggings for the morning
Towel to dry of my feet and to be ridiculously orange so I can find my bike
Running Shoes
Vector bar for post race
Change of clothes for after the race

Not pictured:
Bike Pump
2 water bottles on the Bike
Watch (I splurged and bought a watch to use tomorrow, I need to time my intervals on my run!)

Lots of stuff for one race!

Now I must run to the show and try not to think about the race for a few hours...ahhhh!

I'll be back tomorrow or Monday with how I did, and I'll see if I was DFL (dead finish last haha)!!

Anyone else doing something crazy tomorrow?? Anyone else excited to see if I am not DFL??

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