Friday, May 24, 2013

March April May Recap

Hey bloggy friends!

No I didn't forget about this blog, it just got put to the back burner for a while. But as the school year is wrapping up (tutoring will be ending soon) I will have more free time and do want to get back on the blogging train.

This summer I am going to run a Sprint Triathalon (Ahhhh!). This will be a good place to blog about my progress. I also am finally going to do some DIY/home decor projects, and learn how to photoshop. All of these things are blog worthy!

This past spring there were some blog worthy moments that I just didn't have time to share. There were also some sad/stressful moments that I didn't want to share/didn't want to come on here and be like "Happy Happy Joy Joy". Blogs (to me) are happy places, to share recipes/workouts/projects and adventures, and that is what I will continue to write about.

This blog is also a place where I recap my life so I can look back and see what was up..par example..last year I only posted a few times in the spring too (busy busy!).

So without further ado...MARCH APRIL AND MAY...

My parents came to visit to Easter, and for a surprise my brother flew in for part of it! I had no idea! We were out for supper and my mom wanted to go for a walk after dinner, so we walked down to the City Centre Airport (at 10 at night) and Mike and I thought my parents had gone crazy! They led us around the very quiet ferry terminal, and finally just as Mike and I were getting ready to head back home, we went around a corner and there was my brother!

It was my Birthday in April, I turned 25! In normal fashion it was spread out over about 3 weeks. First Birthday surprise was Mike bought me a bike...(oops no pictures!!). Also a group of us went out for dinner drinks and bowling at the Ballroom! My super awesome friends made me a cake and made me wear a crown and beads!
Chocolate Lasagna


With my new snazzy Bike, I have been going on all kinds of adventures. Pre-bike was a 4 hr bike ride with Mike (using a bixi bike) around High Park/Roncesvalles. Biking is the perfect way to get around Toronto (and as a bonus it is exercise!). Since getting my new bike, I have done two 25+ km treks, and a few mini trips around the city.

Some other fun stuff:
Mike and I went to the Canadian Home and Auto Show featuring Cake Boss, Olympic Athletes and the Stanley cup. It was an event made for Mike. It also featured every single appliance and they were all giving out free samples!
Epic Photo Bomb!

This past weekend (long weekend!) a group of us went Hiking at Mono cliffs and then spent the rest of the day driving around Orangeville and Caledon. We found an amazing cidery, and the Badlands, and ended the day with an amazing potluck BBQ dinner.

In between I got to see some long distance friends with a quick visit from Trish, and then I went down to Houston/New Orleans to visit my friend Erin for the week. We were vegetables for a few days (much needed) and went to New Orleans for some site seeing and an Alligator Swamp tour (PS Bourbon street is fun jet terrifying!)
Bourbon St.

Baby Alligator!

When I came back from my trip I had some exciting work things to look forward to. I moved offices to the downtown office (same company slightly different position) which is down the street from my apartment!!! I can walk to work! No more commuting! This will stay exciting until it is pouring rain one day.

And that was my spring in a nutshell..whew. Time for summer to relax...or you know...train for a triathalon!

Anything exciting happen to you in the Spring? Any advice on Bike adventures??

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