Monday, March 11, 2013

February Is Over...

...and it is already the time change...whhhaaatt??

I hate the "spring ahead" time change. It messed me up today. I couldn't fall asleep last night at my normal bed time (which never happens for me, normally I am out like a light) and then this morning it was all dark when I woke up...BLLLAAHHH.

Ok enough complaining about the time change...

It is March Break this week in Ontario, which means NO TUTORING!!!
Don't get my wrong, I enjoy tutoring, and genuinely like the kids, but working 50-60 hrs a week was getting to me. Now I just go down to my normal job (which is still crazy busy).

To celebrate having some free time this week, I went to Zumba for the first time in forever, and came home and made fancy Tuna Melts! I also watched Glee from last week, and it wasn't that good. I am kind of over that show (except for Darren Criss...A Very Potter Musical holds a special place in my heart....I may or may not have just gotten completely distracted watching half of A Very Potter Musical..whatevs.)
Pesto, Sunflower Sprouts, Tuna and Cheese. Sunflower Sprouts = fancy

I am taking full advantage of my less crazy schedule to fit in more gym, more hot yoga, more eating healthy, and more blogging!

Here is a quick February Catch Up:

1. The weather was gross. I hate winter.

2. I did about 15 classes of Hot Yoga in the month of February. It was awesome. I did a little bit of hot yoga last year, but after 15+ classes and going 2-3 times a week, I am now obsessed. So much so that when my 20 class pass ran out, I bought a new 40 class pass!! I do Bikram Yoga and I think it deserves it's own post...I may get to writing June or something.

3. Mike and I auditioned for Amazing Race Canada. I am pretty sure we would have heard by now if we made it to the next round, so maybe next year! We had to submit a video and the editing process almost killed my soul. It involved downloading 4 softwares and 2 converters and editing the whole thing 4 times. Bleh.

4. Because we are so busy (and since we spent a whole weekend doing Amazing Race video stuff) our apartment was kind of a disaster zone, so Mike and I decided to be grown ups and now we have "chores" to do before we go to bed. Last week we tired it out and amazingly got to the weekend with no dirty dishes, and most of the laundry was done! YAY!

And that is about it!

How was your February?? Anyone else happy it is almost spring?

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