Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day!

Happy Snow Day Everyone!

I woke up this morning to SNOWMAGGEDON!
There is normally a major road in the distance!
I quickly decided to take the day off. It was a pretty good call, since I am pretty sure most of my office took a vacation day today..benefit of being in a consulting business is that the vacation days are pretty flexible. My friend who is a nurse had to trudge to work this morning. She gets a prize!!

I took full advantage of my day off and spent most of it relaxing and watching the 5th season of True Blood (I am finally caught up!!!) and making delicious Banana Oatmeal Muffins. They turned out perfectly!
Recipe from here, with dark chocolate bits added: Source

This was a well needed vacation day, as this month has completely flown by. I have some new responsibilities at work and the days don't seem to be long enough to get everything done. But it is good though, I always work better when I am crazy busy. Add tutoring and other extra activities and I was feeling a little tired. I guess mother nature was on my side today!!

January was also the month of getting stuff done. I have a big running list of things I need to do, and I crossed off quite a few things from that list. I cleaned out my closest, and got rid of 2 large garbage bags of clothes, I made all my yearly appointments (Doctors, Dentist etc.), then finally dropped off a ton of stuff to be dry cleaned and hemmed. 

I still have a big list of things to do, but by going through the list 1 by 1 it certainly helps to stay focused. I also signed up for this 52 week clean home challenge with Home Storage Solutions 101. Every week they send you a challenge that shouldn't take more than 15 minutes a day. So far it has been very kitchen focused, and I haven't done most of the tasks, but I am hoping this weekend to get slightly more organized with the kitchen, and with some of my paperwork. I know I live a super exciting life. I wish I had more time to stay organized...I am way more organized in my head than in real life haha!

In other news this month Mike and I decided to get a NEW KITTEH to keep Moseby company:
Introducing TESLA! 

She is 7 months old, and was completely terrified when we got her from the SPCA.

Once we got her home she warmed up to Moseby pretty fast, but was still quite scared of Mike and I...but over the past couple of weeks she has really started to be friendly, and can sometimes be a little too comfortable.  She has a funny wacko personality, and is totally the bossy little sister to Moseby. It is a Charlie Brown and Sally type of relationship. But today I caught them snuggled up was pretty cute.

Lurking lurker. 
That pretty much sums up my January! Perhaps I will blog more in February...maybe. 

Anyone else enjoying the snow day in ON/preparing for one in NS? Anyone else love Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins???


  1. I was hoping you would blog soon. Nice catch-up post! That last photo of your new kitty is so cute.

    1. Thanks Janelle! Glad to see you and Abby also weathered the storm!