Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Awkward Silence

I really need to blog more. I have a billion ideas about what to write and then I forget them all by the time I get to write the post!

One of the things I have been thinking about lately is this big old change that has happened to my life. For the most of the time it is excellent..great job, great apartment, great boyfriend and cat, etc. 

But there is one thing I am realizing in this little adventure. I am actually kind of shy. Those of you who know me at all may be shocked by this, but it is true. It is the weirdest thing, I can get up in front of 1000 people and give a speech without any nerves, but yet meeting new people makes me anxious. I know that I got involved in University to give me an excuse to meet/talk to people. It was my odd icebreaker to tell people about events for council, I know I am weird. 

But now without that safety net I am not sure what to do! It is super annoying that there are tons of people my age at work and in the area where I live, but yet I don't know how to communicate. Ahhh..the socially awkward engineer in me finally shows up. 

I have heard different suggestions for meeting people...join a gym, join a church etc. For one, no one really chats at the gyms here, and I am not really a hard core church goer, and it would probably be a bad thing to fake that and join a church group. 

Maybe it is the East Coast Friendlies vs City people stereotypes that is also throwing me off. I haven't really attempted to make small chat, but I envision it going like this. 

Me: Wow crazy weather today
Stranger: Yep. (Stares at me like I'm a crazy person)
Me: (Awkward silence)

And that's about it. 

Thinking back to the last time I was meeting new people I was in 1st year of university. Most of my really good friends I met only near the end of first year, and even into second year. I'm just being impatient. I am sure we will meet people who are normal, or even slightly nerdy. And maybe we will even talk about the weather!

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  1. I'm glad you haven't tried to be a gym chatter. People despise those people. You might quickly establish yourself the wrong kind of reputation baha.