Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The French Riviera

Here is Part 2 of my trip this past May/June to France! 
Part 1 here, of the first two days in Paris.

La-Seyne-Sur-Mer is a tiny little town on the Mediterranean Sea near Toulon. This is where my friend Brittany was living to teach English for a few months. Monday was our first day there and unfortunately the weather didn't want to cooperate. It was rainy but not too cold. We spent the day relaxing and walking around Toulon. 
Mike and I were being the Statue in the Back...but we just look silly
Apparently the weather also deterred us from taking pictures in Toulon...oopsy! We stopped at a cafe and sat and chatted and drank our amazing coffee and ate amazing macaroons..how Francy! We ended the day with some amazing Pizza at Brittany's apartment and just relaxing and drinking wine.

The next day the weather was Perfect! But we didn't realize that it was Labour day in France and everything was closed, no buses, shopping etc. It didn't matter though because we headed to the Beach!!! After spending a whole winter in Toronto, the prospect of a ocean beach had me literally giddy! The walk to get the beach was very nice, it was so neat to be in such tropical place, but it still be in Europe. I loved it. And the Market was amazing, everything was so fresh and tasty looking...and the cheese...oh the cheese!

Sooo nice!!!
The next day (also gorgeous weather) we left La-Seyne-Sur-Mer,  and headed west towards Nice and Monaco. Trish and Brittany got off the train in Nice, and Mike and I continued on to spend the day in Monaco, before rejoining them in Nice.

Monaco was amazing, but definitely just a day trip unless you have lots of money to spend. Mike is a huge Grand Prix fan so of course we had to walk the track! It was pretty neat to see them setting up for the race.

And the best part...we won 10 Euro at a Casino in Monaco! Yay! We headed back to meet up with the girls for amazing supper at this tiny little Italian inspired restaurant, shut the place down, and wandered the streets of Nice. 

We stayed at this amazing little bed and breakfast run by a girl not too much older than us...and the best part was she had KITTIES!! 

The next morning we woke up to another amazing day. The weather was absolutely amazing, and we spent the day exploring Nice (we rented bikes, super fun!). If I could have added another day to the trip it would have been in Nice I think. I loved it there! Oh and the Gelato was sooooo gooood!

The day went by much too fast, and suddenly we were back on the bullet train, heading to Paris for our last weekend in France!! Blog post to follow!

I fell in love with the south of France. The food, the beach, the relaxing feel of all the cities. I was so sad to go. If given the chance I will definitely go back!

Who else loves gelato??? Is the weather always that nice in Nice??

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