Wednesday, August 15, 2012

June and July Recap

Ugh blogging fail. In the past couple months blogging (and normal life activities) has definitely been on the back burner. And since 1. I am OCD about chronologically posting, and 2. I use this blog to remember what I did here is a quick post of everything I did in June and July...ready...go.

Cute Moseby Photo to Start things off

Work and More Work: Finished up the spring term of tutoring (all the students passed, YAY!) , and continued to work longish hours at my real job.

Rent: The Lower Ossington Theatre (LOT) put on a production of Rent, and my friend Katie and I got tickets on Groupon to go see it. It was such a good production, and it was one of the last days of the run, so the performers were so in to their characters. Made me miss musical theatre a lot. Perhaps I need to find a little community theatre program on my spare time (oh wait I don't have time to blog let alone have a hobby :P).

Russell Peters: Due to performance dates, the same day that I went to see Rent (in the afternoon) I went to go see Russell Peters in the evening with Mike and our friend Kareem. The show was great, and Russell Peters is so funny! He jumps from one topic to another and gets so off track, but that is what makes his show excellent. If the Notorious Tour comes out on DVD/TV totally check it out!

Family time: Mike and I had a laundry machine issue and it was broken/not replaced for about 6 weeks, which meant every Sunday we got to lug our laundry up to my Uncle and Aunt's house (THANK YOU!). Silver lining, getting to spend time with my family, and eating delicious food! (Machine is now fixed..finally!)
New Machine!
Surprise City Chase: Mike and I were planning to do City Chase in August, but due to a time conflict we decided at the last minute to do the June City Chase event. This year we were more prepared, but of course the fun of the event is you never know what to expect. We also some how ended up doing all of the physical exhausted. We ended up finishing in exactly the same time, but a little lower in the standings. Oh well! It was an excellent day and as always, so much fun!

City Chase Finish

Birthday! It was Mike's birthday the same weekend as city chase, so after City Chase we changed and went to a nice dinner. The next day Mike, for his birthday present, got to drive a fancy car. He loved it! We had a nice bday "party" for Mike at my Aunt and Uncles and then ended up going to a drive in movie after. Fitting all that in may have been a bit ambitious for one weekend!
Oooo fancy car. 

Long Weekend: The Canada long weekend was a much needed break from all the craziness that June brought. We spent Saturday at Centre Island. I loved the islands so much. It was so nice to take a quick ferry ride for a few dollars and suddenly be out of the city. Much easier than fighting cottage country traffic. Other than that it was pretty much relaxing.

New fav spot in TO

Fire Experiment: One weekend in early July, we got together at my friend's house and tried an experiment. We decided to try to see if a marshmallow on a sparkler would light on fire or cook from the inside (not to eat it would have been full of chemicals). Fun fact: the sparkler burns through the marshmallow. So then we decided to see what else a sparkler would burn through (green pepper works) and that ended with us making a giant tower of marshmallows and sparklers...productive Saturday night!

Morocco: One of the main reasons I didn't blog this past month is I spent a week in Morocco for work! I think this deserves a bigger blog post so I will save all the details for later, but basically it is a amazing country and I am so happy I got to go to see the work there, and visit the region. I had a crazy messed up time getting home, but that is a much longer story.

Vacation: I just got back from a nice vacation home to NS/NB to visit the families, and it was amazing. So nice to have a week (and then some) to not worry about anything. Vacation is awesome! This past weekend my family came to visit me/Toronto for my Grandfather's 80th birthday party, so the past 2-3 weeks have been filled with family and food!

So after a CRAZY two plus months, and not having a normal routine for at least 6 weeks, I am definitely looking forward to getting back on track, and getting back on schedule with many things (blogging, gym, healthy eating etc.)

Hopefully I will be able to blog more regularly, but last time I said that I ended up going half way around the world!

Anyone else having a crazy busy summer? Any one else do sparkler experiments with marshmallows and peppers?

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