Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Late Summer Recap!

In addition to running a triathlon this summer (which I blogged to death) I also did some pretty fun things over the summer/into September that didn’t make the blog at the time…here is a quick recap:

Pride Week:
Some friends came up from Halifax and we went out to check out the parade. After missing the past two years, we figured it was about time we went to this event. People warned me that it would be really scandalous but only a few groups really pushed the envelope, the rest of the parade was just a lot of fun. The guys in front of us were most excited for Justin Trudeau, and I must admit, he was very photogenic!
Can't say the same about Kathleen Wynne though..Sorry, bad angle!
That weekend also included going out to eat in Kensington market for Blupper (Brunch at 3:00pm), trying to find a pizza place that is open at 4:00am on a Sunday night, and a very sleepy Canada Day haha!

Second City
For Mike’s birthday we got tickets to go see Slapshot at second city. It was hilarious. The actors all came out singing about Hockey then the Narrator character came out and stopped everyone and said “Lets get things straight this isn’t a musical, because why does everything have to be a musical!!” this was a running joke throughout the play. We enjoyed the whole thing, but the girl beside us had a scowl on her face the whole time, some people have no sense of humour!

Medieval Times
Mike and I found a groupon for Medieval Times, and went one Friday in July. It was really fun, the food was pretty tasty, but I found it was quite an American reminded me of going to Disney world or something (not in the good way, more in the over the top way)…What impressed me though was the skill of the guys who played the knights. Not only did they have to be fairly good actors, they had to have good horseback riding skills, and stage combat skills. Very impressive, but I think it was more of a one-time event than a regular thing.
And we got Crowns!!
Shakespeare in the Park
Like last year Mike and I hit up Shakespeare in the park. This time twice on the last weekend it was showing with Brittany. For some reason going to this always gets delayed until right at the end of Summer. This year they did Taming of the Shrew and Macbeth. Shrew was fun, and was good for some laughs, but the Macbeth blew me away (mostly the same actors, just Macbeth is just more dramatic). I still love that you can bring your own food in (Shrew was homemade spicy pasta) and Macbeth was post triathlon Pizza.

Ontario Science Centre
To celebrate our first day “off” all summer Mike and I went to the Ontario Science Centre on Labour day for another part of his Birthday Present (Yes his birthday is the end of June…we just had a busy summer.) There was an exhibit on 60 years of video games. The Science Centre is fun, but you could definitely tell it was the end of the exhibit. It is also a huge building/compound, so if you go be prepared for lots of walking. I think I like the ROM better, but I’m glad we checked out the OSC!

Mid September (as another part of Mikes Bday Present) we went on a Canoe ride along the Humber River. It was so peaceful, and I found it hard to believe that we were in the middle of the city. We had spent the morning running in High Park, so we certainly got our fair share of fresh air!
Ready to Paddle!
Do you believe this is downtown Toronto??

Mike has a glow about him!
Dragon Boat
I signed up with Brittany's division (we both work for the same company, different offices) to participate in a Dragon Boat race to raise money for the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority. We ended up coming in 2nd, and it was so much fun! Mike even got to join our team as we had empty seat. Our theme was Hawaiian! I could definitely feel it in my arms the next day.
Matching Flamingos!!
City Place Party
The developer of our neighbourhood threw a big party for residents of City Place. It was super intense! There was delicious food, a smores bar, live music and even a Vampire flash mob. Ok they weren't vampires, but they all showed up looking gorgeous, and I was convinced they were vampires..but they were actually a dance troop. 

So many people!

Also this picture happened:
No one puts baby in a corner. 
I am pretty sure it was empty but it was still really funny. 

And now I relax. Not really though, October is going to be just as busy and fun I think!!

What were your late summer highlights? Anyone know who's baby was in the corner???

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