Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Truths about Being a Grown Up

So I had a Birthday this week. For some reason something about being 26 seems a lot older than being 25… and I don’t like it.  I tutor a lot of high school students, most are 10 years younger than me, and I have heard them say many times "I can't wait to be an adult"...and maybe it is because the "older" I am getting the more I am realizing that being an "grown up" isn't all we thought it was cracked up to be.

Jenna Marbles already covered this in her “I Hate Being a Grown up” video, and there are multiple buzzfeed lists about the topic but I thought I would share my own 5 Truths about being a Grown Up:

Truth # 1: You have so many appointments, and they all cost money.

Appointments always sneak up on me and are always during the busiest week or at the most inconvenient times/locations.

Why yes dentist appointment I made 6 months ago, thank you for having me reschedule all of my tutoring. And there are always hidden costs. Go to the dentist (even with insurance): 50-100 bucks. Bring the cats to the vet: 200 bucks, Get winter tires off car: Couple Hundred bucks. (Being a grown adult: priceless. Ha.)

Truth #2: There are no magic house elves to clean for you
It is a tough life lesson to realize that if you don’t pick up your stuff, no one else will. You now have to deal with things like CLEANING THE BATHROOM. And DOING DISHES. And dealing with MOUNTAINS of LAUNDRY!
And all that stuff takes so much darn time! You could always try to delegate if you have a sig.other...but sometimes their version of a clean bathroom is just taking everything out of the bathroom and leaving on the "den" floor.
To be fair, the bathroom was clean!
Truth #3 Responsible life choices become mandatory.
A couple years back a responsible life choice would have been studying for a midterm...or doing an assignment before the night before it was due. Now responsible life choices include things like saving for a house, or even saving for retirement. Or planning a wedding! Some way more grown up people than me are even starting to have to be responsible for living human beings! Terrifying! (Note that I am currently blogging to avoid making a responsible life choice and finishing my taxes.)

Truth #4 If you aren't tired, you aren't doing adulthood right. 

I would say I have an average energy level, get my 6-8 hours of sleep, eat healthy etc. (see truth 4 above, responsible life choices), but in talking with EVERY OTHER ADULT, everyone is just so darn tired. Working 1 or 2 jobs, or working towards a post grad, or caring for other human beings means that adulthood is full of yawns, and lack of naps. Also there is caffine involved. When I was a kid I would resist going to bed so much that I would make myself sick just to get to stay awake longer, now I'm like "I can go to bed early...yess!"

Truth #5 Having a social life and/or hobbies takes effort.
After working, cleaning/cooking, making responsible choices, saving money, and loving going to bed early, you realize it takes even more effort to make MORE PLANS! In school/university, there were many (mostly free) clubs to join, and you just basically showed up. You could try anything you wanted (sports, musical theatre, debate, trivia club..yes that was a thing and it was awesome), and have time to do your homework and go to class. Yes there are still a tons of things to do now as a "grown-up", but now it just takes more effort to find it, most of it costs money, and its hard to find the time to fit everything in! Also, in school/university, you are around your friends all the time, now you actually have to put in effort to see people IRL. And getting everyone together when you all have free time, that takes some serious planning!

Basically,if any teenager is reading this right now 16 is probably more "fun" than 26 but I will include a caveat though. At 26 I am (and I think most people are), more confident than 16, know more about who I am, and know what my 5 year plan is. And I can do things cool things like order a pizza at 3:00pm just because, or book a trip to calgary to visit my friends without consulting my parents.

And if you are a "more grown up" person reading this you are probably laughing at me and saying "oh you think it is bad now, just wait until you are 36/46 etc!" I get that part of life is growing up, and getting more independent, while at the same time being more responsible...but that is something I don't like thinking about too much...it really puts a damper on my nap time!

What Grown Up Truth would you add? Anyone else ride magic carpets to dentist appointments?

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