Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kay and Mike Take Toronto by Bike: Leslieville

Whenever I blog and say I have free time, I disappear from blogging for a month or two. This summer flew by with some big life stuff, some trips east and west, and a lot of hot yoga. I would like to blog about all that at some point, but for now, another Bike adventure!

This time we stuck within the GTA and went East. I have lived in Toronto for 3 years and can probably count the number of times I've gone East of the Don Valley on one hand, so for this Bike adventure we headed east to Leslieville and to the Food Truck Festival!

The Majestic Don River

It was a gorgeous day, not too hot, but warm enough to feel like summer! And it was a much easier route than our last adventure. We drove East on Queen, crossed the bridge, and we were in a whole other world...

Bridge Nerd
Just kidding, we were in Riverdale, but we continued forth on our epic journey to Leslieville.

Fun facts about Leslieville (thanks Wikipedia): 
1. Was named after a dude who ran the Toronto Nurseries there in the 1850s 
2. The neighbourhood gentrified from 2000-2010, and is considered up and coming (ooo ahhh)
3. It houses Canada's LARGEST WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT!! (which I'm strangely sad I didn't go visit.)

After another few kilometres, we arrived at our destination, Woodbine Park:
Ooo green space

Free music, and FOOD TRUCKS!! 

I should note at this point, I had just finished a double yoga class and a 8km bike ride, so I was pretty excited to dig in! Mike had Ossobuco Gnocchi Poutine and I had a Gourmet Gringos Burrito. NOMMM. 
This is my excited face

Tasted better than it looked

The whole thing was sponsored by the Indie88 radio station, and we both got a sweet pair of glasses. 
Ignore my gross hair here, as I said, a double yoga class happened before this!
After getting food in my belleh, we walked down to Woodbine Beach and relaxed for a while near the beach.
Not bad for a lake

Apparently all that relaxing made me hungry, so on the way home we grabbed some ice cream. We lucked out in this place, because it was extra delicious. I got some pear frozen yogurt, and Mike got some sort of chocolate peanut butter mixture.

Pretty delicious way to end our Leslieville Adventure! They say that the side of Toronto that you first move to is the side you stay on, and so far I definitely know more about west of Yonge, but I really liked Leslieville. It had a beachey, cottagey feel, with lots of old trees. And that ice cream was amazing! Very cool neighbourhood! 

Next adventure will most likely be the in the south-west part of the city, since that is where WE ARE MOVING!  WHAT??!! NEWS!?!?! But for now I'll leave it like be continued! 

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