Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Amazing Road Trip-Part 1

Hi again world (or at least the 20-30 ppl who read this)!  I have been busy the past little while. As per the last blog, I moved into my boyfriend's parent's house for the time being until life works itself out. I also have been travelling! For a post grad trip my boyfriend and I went on a Roadtrip. It was our AMAZING RACE...

Phil: Lets meet the teams of the Amazing Race!!! Just one team this time: Two engineering graduates, dating for 3 years..Kaylee and Mike. They are about to embark on a journey across provinces and states, all for $1,000,000 (Hey I can dream can't I!)

Leg 1 Halifax-Bathurst-Ottawa
Detour- 5 hour drive/5 hour snooze: the team will have the choice of driving 5 hours to Bathurst after hosting a wine and cheese party, or they can choose to sleep in and not visit the Famjam (aka family). Mike and Kaylee have decided to choose driving, as they feel this is the better choice in life, not only the Amazing Race.
Roadblock-Parlez vous francais? Kaylee has chosen to complete this roadblock which involves navigating through Quebec, and communicating with the locals.
Highlights: Visit to the family in Bathurst, a nice drive along the Fleuve St. Laurent, and St. Hubert in Montreal
Pitstops: The Villa in Bathurst, Chimo Hotel in Ottawa

Leg 2 Ottawa-Toronto
Detour-Hot Engines and Hot Politics: Arriving on the night of the election, teams can choose to go and visit Parliament hill and congratulate the leader of the opposition, or can go on a tour of the national research council and look at jet engine turbines. They pick Hot Engines, because Mike thinks this is cool.
Roadblock-Economic Action Plan: One team member must navigate the construction that has been happening due to the Economic Action Plan at rush hour. Mike cheats by using GPS. The team gets a 30 minute penalty (aka a traffic jam).
Highlights- Drive by of Parliament hill, getting lost(ish) twice, and a tour of the national research council.
Pitstops- Kaylee's Uncle and Aunt's House

Leg 3 Toronto
Detour-Shoes in Glass or Shots on Ice- Teams can either choose between touring the BATA shoe museum, or going to the Air Canada Centre for a tour. This proves to be a difficult choice for the team, but they pick Air Canada Centre.
Roadblock-Mi Casa Loma es su Casa Loma: One team member must find the secret tunnel in Casa Loma where they did secret army stuff in WWII. Mike succeeds, by looking at the map on the brochure, and following the millions of children on a school trip to Casa Loma.
Highlights-Visiting the extended family, visiting friends, and job interviews (more on that later).
Pitstops-Kaylee's Grandparent's House

Stay tuned for clips from the next episode....
"Will Kaylee and Michael make it to New York City? One team member faces challenges changing money in the states, one team member can't handle the streets of Boston...all next time on the AMAZING RACE"

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  1. Cute idea for a post! I dream of being on the Amazing Race too. Glad I'm not the only one... haha.