Monday, April 25, 2011


I hate packing. Despise it with a passion. I am not very good at throwing stuff out, so over the years my collection of stuff grows and packing makes me go through it all, and assess every item in a hoarder-like fashion. 

I have lived in the same apartment for 3 years. I moved in directly out of residence (fitting all my stuff into that space was fun..not) and have stayed/subletted the place since then. Finally, I am moving out. I found subletters for the summer, so at least all the furniture and kitchen stuff doesn't need to be moved now. 

I am moving over to my boyfriends house across town (to the dark side) and at some point hopefully going to be moving again to Toronto for a full time job. So my approach for this move is purge quickly, any thing useless, old, or outdated is getting thrown out/donated. Then once I am settled I can go through every thing with a fine tooth comb, so my move semi across country will be fairly straight forward. 

A few things I discovered while packing:
1. I have moved an expired bottle of sun screen around with me for 5 years. It expired in 2006, when I first moved to university. The same can be said for some medicines (Tylenol from 2007) and lotions (Moisturizer that has been opened since at least 2004). 
2. I have 5 pairs of nail clippers, most of which got stolen by the cats at some point this year and were found during packing. 
3. I actually don't have that many clothes. I went through my stuff recently, so I got that paired down. 
4. I do have a lot of shoes. 

44 pairs to be exact. 8 pairs of black heels, 3 pairs of other colour heels, 6 pairs of heeled sandals, 11 pairs of flats, 5 flipflopish shoes, 3 sneakers, 6 boots, and one pair of steel toed boots and one pair of tap shoes (never used).  The bigger issue is that I have worn every single one of them, except for the tap shoes, in the past year. I can justify keeping all of I will. And I never know when I may need tap shoes. 

One day I will have a closet to justify the shoe Christina Aguilera's from NyMag:
Or Mariah Carey's (from
Compared to those pictures, my collection doesn't seem like much of a problem at all!! 

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