Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tis the Season...

...for exams.

This is the first spring that I don't have exams and all that other end of term school stuff. It is weird. I am definitely not complaining about it! My roomies and boyfriend are all in the midst of senior projects and report writing and pre-studying. I am actually home alone now, chillin, writing my blog post, while the rest of the world (university world) is hunkering down to finish the term.

I actually liked exam time. They were probably my favorite part of the academic side of school. I hated midterms because it was like exams only there were a million assignments to do on top of studying. And  actually going to classes and doing assignments, don't miss that part about school at ALL!  Exam time comes around, and suddenly there is only one thing to focus on. I have always liked studying and there is something about rocking out to some good music while making a cheat sheet that I kinda miss. And the best feeling was writing exams that go well, rocking out to the study music inside my head. Even the exams that didn't go well had a certain finality (he he FINALity). "Well at least it is over", "Nothing I can do about it now" was my motto of choice, and it worked for me!

Even in high school I liked exams. Winter exams were in January, so I would start studying over Christmas break, and space out my study-age, so by the time the actual exam week came around I was super prepared, so I just relaxed on my non-exam times. It was a good excuse to lock my self in my room and "study" when actually I was reading or watching TV. I was such a rebel.

But alas (HA) I am all done with exams, and have moved on to bigger and better things: dishes, laundry, and job applications.

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