Monday, March 28, 2011

Whoa I Have a Blog

Time is flying by, and I haven't posted in 9 days. Oops.
So what I have done in the past 9 days:

1. I have a new "part time job!" Well kind of. I went to a Mary Kay party on the 18th, and it worked out that because I wanted to buy so much, that it was just the same price to become a consultant, and get the %50 discount (so same amount of money lots more stuff!). What I didn't realize is that the group of ladies who are Mary Kay consultants are awesome! There are training sessions every Monday night, where everyone meets up and discusses selling tips, and MK party tips, and communication techniques etc. It is a nice training session (for free!) and feels better than not doing anything!

Now I just have to get up the nerve to ask people to try out the products (If I want to get into this to make a little bit of spending money, I actually have to have clients other than myself). Hopefully I can do so in a non-pushy way, aka mentioning it passively on my blog hint hint.

2. Updating my other blog, The Totally Typical Weight Loss Challenge, and in turn keeping busy cooking healthy food, and going to the gym!

3. Tutoring has taken up a 7 hours of my week so that is productive and money making. My students are doing well, and most of them have had a test in the past week so we will see how they do!

4. I went to Sugar Moon on the weekend, a maple sugar camp and it was DELICIOUS. I love taffy on the snow, and it was totally worth the drive!

5. I applied to jobs all day today. I really really really really hope I hear something back soon!

I still haven't cleaned out my shelves, but that is ok. At the end of April I am moving out of my apartment, so the shelves will have to be de-junked by then!

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