Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TLC "Hoarders" Scares Me

I am watching TLC's Hoarders, and now I really want to clean my room. Going back to day one of this blog I mentioned that one of the things I wanted to do with my free time was to clean my room. I am by no means a hoarder to the extent of that show, but I do have a lot of stuff. I hang on to junky things for no reason, or things that are broken. And sometimes the clutter drives me nuts.

This summer I did a quiz in a magazine. It was "What kind of decorating style works best for your personality type." For every question I wanted to answer the organized, neat, type A answer, but in reality I am type B, clutter, eclectic, and creative. For example the question was: Is your closet A: color coded, with all the hangers pointed the same way, or B mismatched, with hangers everywhere. I would like for everything in my life (organization wise) to be neat and orderly (A), and sometimes it ventures into a chaotic state (B). It was interesting to see that result.  

It has gotten a lot better since school ended, mostly because now I have time to clean and organize. Especially now, my landlord is showing my apartment for next year, so I need to keep it nice and clean! Also I have gotten to a point where I know that  in the near future I will be moving out of this place, and into somewhere else (possibly a tiny condo in Toronto). I would rather get rid of stuff instead of moving it all over the country.

So last Wednesday, a local charity group was doing a clothing drive and on Tuesday night I went through all my clothes and in the span of 1 hour I got a very large garbage bag full to donate. That deadline certainly helped speed up the process. My next task is my school stuff, because I don't need it taking up space in my room, and would rather have it in a box where I don't need to look at it ever again. And one day I will take that box and move it to my office. That is a nice thought, an job with an office, and doing actual engineering work, all my text books chillin on a shelf.

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