Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: St. Patrick's Day

In Halifax, St. Patrick's Day is a big deal, and it is AWESOME. I do have strong Irish roots, so I love the holiday, and being in a east coast city makes it that much better. And so begins my tale of March 17th, 2011.

This year was the first year that I didn't have school getting in the way. I went to the gym earlyish in the morning (9-10) and by 10 am you could see the first signs of green. Green shirts, green coats, cases of beer etc. I then decided to go out for lunch with my friend, and we decided to attempt the Old Triangle, the Irishest pub in town. People line up at 6:00am to get a table for the day. They also serve beer for breakfast.

So we venture down to the pub, and as we walk by the window it is obviously busy, and as we turned the corner to the door we realized the line went down the block. So much for that plan. We went over to a British pub instead and it wasn't busy at all, and was just as delicious. After lunch we headed to the mall, and drove past Dal main campus. It was like St. Patrick's day exploded. There were green bows, and tights, and boots and shiny green leggings. It was a bit much for 2:00 pm.

That night I went out with friends and after a few other spots we ended up at Maxwell's Plum around midnight. Being the crazy folks we are, we started chanting a sports team. To our amusement people joined in and we had about thirty people chanting things along with us. The wait staff was not impressed. Unfortunately when one of them told us to keep it down, the other tables would start the chant. It was hilarious. I felt bad for about a second then I realized that everyone in the bar was chanting so we really weren't impacting people having a quiet midnight drink.  We quickly finished our drinks and left to avoid the angry glares from the waitress. Good end of the night for sure.

My favorite quote about St. Patrick's Day comes from a friend who wasn't from Canada, and had never experienced it. She said "So you wear green and drink green beer? I don't get it....but it is fun!"
St. P day summarized in two sentences. We shall meet again next year.

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  1. Dear Kaylee,
    There's no such thing as "a quiet midnight drink" on St. Paddys' Day...