Monday, March 7, 2011

Engineering Week

Fun fact: March is National Engineering Month in Canada. Second fun fact: Dalhousie Engineering picks one week to celebrate Engineering Week, and it is THIS WEEK!!!! You may be saying "But wait Kaylee, you are finished at Dal, why do you care?" Well, I ended up helping out the boyfriend with a few Engineering Society errands today, and that turned into a full day of helping out at the Chinese food buffet/career fair that the society hosted. Tomorrow there is a Pancake breakfast, and on Wednesday I am going to a Junior High School to help out with an Egg Drop.

For those who missed out back in the day, an Egg drop is when you have a egg, a supply of materials, and a fall of some sort, and the goal is to make sure your egg survives. It is directly related to engineering in the minds of a 9th grader, apparently. So we ( a group of students EITs, and P.Engs) go to a school and host en egg drop during engineering month. 

Last year I went to a school, and teams of students had fake money to buy their supplies. And the deal was if they broke their egg while making the contraption, they had to buy a new one with their money. So (not surprisingly) one of the kids from one team broke the egg of another team and it was a BFD. It made me happy to not be in Junior High anymore. That example aside, it is really fun to do the egg drop event because there are some teams who get really into it and you can tell they actually care. Awww cute future engineers!  

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