Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Smattering of Things

Now that the totally typical weight loss challenge has come to an end (you can relive the glory here) it is time to focus on the pink hard hat. Not the actual pink hard hat, that is sitting in my closet, I mean this blog.

So today, because I am feeling random, I am going to let you into my brain.

These are the kinds of things I think about/observe while I am waiting for an elevator, stuck in traffic, making dinner, whenever my mind wanders. Seriously this is all over the place, there are no segways whatsoever.
Something that makes me shake my head, the people who come into the elevator on the phone, in an obviously important phone call, and then get REALLY upset when they loose a signal. Seriously, you didn't see that coming??

Also to do with elevators, I once had a piece of toast with PB on it with me, and I felt like I was breaking some sort of no food rule, so I never did it again. The other day a chicky had A BOWL OF COOKED OATMEAL. And was eating it in the elevator. My first thought: "where is she going to put the dirty bowl?"
Food related: I think bringing fish related leftovers to work is gross. It makes the entire office smell like fish. Not that I personally mind the smell of fish, but some people really do! No fish for me for lunch.
Driving stories time! Driving to work lately has been ridiculous. The roads are full any time after 7:20am, and then again after 5:00pm. So if I go to work early, it takes me 15 minutes each way. If I go to work later, it takes me 30 minutes on a good day. This would mean to a logical person that I should go to work early...but no, I am full of lazy in the morning. 

A while ago, I was driving to work and a cop car was near by so everyone was following the rules. Then the cop car started following a mini van. It was pretty much tailing the van, so when the cop car got right on the van, the van sped up. I am not sure why it just didn't change lanes, but eventually the cop car "made" the van go over the speed limit, and then the cop turned on the lights, and pulled over the van. I really hope there was more to the story than I saw but if not it was pretty ridiculous. 

Mike did something pretty funny the other day, and maybe this was a you had to be there kind of thing, but I will try to do it justice. We went out for dinner on Friday, and I ate half my sandwich and got the rest packed up. Right before we left the restaurant I went to the restroom, and when I came back, Mike had this look on his face. He has a goofy "I did something bad" face, like a child. So I start blabbing on about something, and he stops me and says all serious he says "By the way, there may be a bite out of your sandwich when you eat it for lunch tomorrow." Then I proceeded to die laughing because sure enough, I opened the container and there was the smallest of bites gone from it. Super sneaky, that boyfriend is. 

Was that random enough for you? 

Tonight I had homemade beef stew and it was AMAZING! I followed this really simple recipe, but used the modifications the reviewer Corinne suggests. I also added 2 extra cloves of garlic because I love garlic. 

It was delicious, and so easy.
I cooked the meat and onions and put them in a container last night, I also did the Worcestershire sauce/wine/beef stock deglaze mixture and put that in another container and put it in the fridge. I then chopped...well Mike chopped..all the veggies and we put those in the slow cooker with the spices to have a scandelous party over night, and then added the rest in the morning, and when I came home it was READY TO NOM!!

Soo good. 

And with that I bid you adieu with this classic that Mike is now blasting from his phone:

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