Sunday, September 25, 2011

TV Recap-Why am I Still Watching America's Next Top Model?

I watch way too much tv.

Currently on my roster is Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Americans Next Top Model, Glee, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Community, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor and Being Erica.
This year I have added the new Person of Interest show, Pan-Am, and possibly the new sit-com New Girl.

That is 14 hours (ish) of TV. Wow. That doesn't even count the shows I tune in to, but don't watch consistently.

 I don't let TV take over my life though, I watch most of them on or, so I skip the commercials, and if I miss a bunch of episodes, I am ok with giving up a few shows. Normally I am about a week behind on TV watching.

That all being said, I may throw in some little TV recaps to this blog now that the new seasons have started.

First off, America's Next Top Model Ep 2. (Spoiler Alert)

I actually don't really like America's Next Top Model any more. I am kind of sick of Tyra, and some of the aspects of older seasons that I loved have disappeared. It use to be about amazing photo shoots, and runway lessons, and you know model stuff. Now I find that it has turned into America's Next Tyra Banks. Especially this season. But yet for some reason I still watch it.

They have brought back a bunch of "fan favorites" and are getting them to model/act/host/be famous. Some of them are pushing 30, which in the modelling world is old, so they aren't kick starting anyone's modelling career. Heck, most of them are already successful models because of their first time around on ANTM.

This episode was they got ty-overs, yes they were called ty-overs, and yes a little definition popped up and said Ty-overs: Tyra inspired Makeovers. Seriously, why am I still watching this show? So they all get their hair coloured/chopped/cut etc and of course people freak out...didn't they realize by signing up to do this again that they would be madeover, that is kinda  a highlight of ANTM.

Beyond all that, the thing that really irked me the most was that this branding expert comes in and gives all the girlies a word to be their brand. Some of the words were ok, like Candid, and Daring, whereas others didn't make any sense to the girl they matched up with. For example, there is one girl, Kayla, who is a lesbian, and really is proud of that and wants to be the first lesbian winner of ANTM. So the branding guy asked her what her word is and she said "LGBT" (that is 4 words, but I will let it slide) and the branding guys says "that was ground breaking 5 years ago, but it isn't really a big deal any more" How insulting on so many levels. So instead of giving her a good word, like umm I don't know PROUD, they give her Free. She didn't do well in the photo shoot (posing with Hot Dogs, seriously) because she was confused of the word. How does one be "free" while posing with a hot dog?

Side note they gave another girl proud and this was her photo was awefuuull. Take a looksie here to see them all. I totally agree with this recap/slideshow. Kayla almost went home this week because she didn't get her word, but only 2 of the girls actually posed like their word.

So overall, I am really only watching this season because some of the chickies I liked from previous seasons are back, however that last episode put a funny taste in my mouth, not just because they were posing with messy hotdogs. Perhaps ANTM is getting crossed from my list this year, we shall see!

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