Sunday, September 18, 2011


Weekends go by way too fast.

It's already Sunday...noooo!

This weekend was pretty good though. Started out a day early on Thursday night because I had an "Earned Day Off" on Friday. My company gets everyone to work an extra half hour every day so one Friday a month we get a day off to do errands, relax, get extra work done etc. Everyone loves the EDO.

On Thursday I got together with some people from work for our first Book Club meeting. It was nice to get together with other engineers in training outside of work. We are planning to meet every month and try a different restaurant every time. Good food and books, I love it already! We went to this great little cafe in Etobicoke called the Yellow Cup Cafe. Great food and fancy lattes, and a great atmosphere. Totally recommend it! For the bookclub we are reading Mister Pip. I misread the email and thought we were suppose to have the book done on Thursday, but then realized on Wednesday that it was only a kick off meeting. By this point I had most of the book done! Oh well way to be a keener.

After that I came home, went for a run/walk with Mike, then crashed asleep embarrassingly early. I started of Friday by watching some America's Next Top Model, this season is a all-star one and it is going to be epic. Then Mike and I went out to lunch at Khao San Road (Thai food, Spadina and Adelaide) to celebrate the EDO. While we were there, the people sitting beside us ordered too many appetizers and gave us one, for free! I felt kind of weird taking it but they insisted, and after I overheard them talking about their upcoming trip to St. Barts I didn't feel as bad.

After that we headed to Rogers because I needed a new cellphone. My contract was up and it was time to upgrade. I was thinking to get the phone I wanted (some sort of smart phone) it would cost me around $150. But because of a promotion going on, I got it for $0 dollars!!! Wooo free stuff! It is a Samsung Galaxy Captivate that is an android. Yes I just had to ask the BF what it was called. I just know that it is pretty and can surf the internet, and is faster than my netbook.

After a few more errands we came home and proceeded to watch 3 movies back to back on netflix. Super productive evening. Saturday we got up did some groceries/gymage and then went out to dinner for my Aunt's bday supper (The Big Slice, cheap but delicious Italian food, St. Clair and Dufferin) . After supper we stopped by their house and my aunt gave me a "hand me down" brand name purse....legit brand name....LV brand name. I was ecstatic. In return (really doesn't even come close to the value) I am doing some free babysitting this afternoon. After the dinner Mike and I came back to our apartment and helped some friends assemble Ikea furniture and drank some wine. It was a great evening.

I am thoroughly enjoying that when I come home from work I don't have to do anything extra. No homework, no extra-cirriculars, just what ever I want to do. So on Friday it was totally fine if I watched 3 movies, just because.  I think I am going to need a better hobby than that though. Mike is back to school now and his homework will be starting soon, so I am going to need to find a way to keep myself busy so I won't be a distraction to him. Perhaps I will take up drumming...just joking!!!

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  1. So much to comment on in this post!

    3 movies??? Wow! I could never do that. I think I'd fall asleep, so props to you for having a long attention span.

    I didn't know ANTM was back on. And all-star? I know what I'm doing tonight. Hahaha.

    And, LV purse!! I watched SATC movie on tv last night and Jennifer Hudson got an ugly LV. I bet yours is prettier.

    xo Janelle