Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Adventures in the House of Commons

This past weekend I had to fly back to Halifax/Bathurst for a few reasons
1. To visit the famjam and the beach...I had this revelation halfway through the summer that I wasn't going to see the beach and this made me very sadface. So a plan was hatched. And it was good timing because...
2. I had to move my furniture out of my Halifax apartment and officially move out.

Some background about our lovely apartment. I have been on the lease for 3 years. When I first saw the place I fell in love with the bright sunny kitchen, and the old crown molding, the old school stain glass window going up the stairs. However, it was a student apartment, perpetually dirty, a little bit run down, and with a landlord who was hard to get a hold of but would show up out the blue to "check something out" without notice. Between co-ops and different roommates, 14 people have lived there in the past 3 years. It became a place where furniture came to die, mini fridges were collected, and random stuff appeared as people moved out.

Needless to say I was very happy that August 31st was my last day on the lease.

So since I could only get 2 days for vacation I had to wait until the 1st to move my furniture out. I emailed the new girls and asked  begged them to have some compassion for my situation and let me move out the first. One chicky..lets just say D... responded quickly and said sure no problem, as long as her one room was cleaned out it would be fine. Done and done. Got the subletters to take care of that...had all my ducks in a row.

So on the 1st Mike and I arrived early at the apartment, D's room was clean, the subletters had cleaned the place, and we were going to spend the day selling all of our stuff via kijiji and a "yard" sale in the kitchen. Well that was our plan. Only small issue was that the subletters had a problem with there new place and could only move out there stuff at 5:00pm, but it was all in the back bedroom away from the girls room.

Around 10:00 am, I meet D and her dad. They storm in, already cranky for who knows why, and the dad proceeds to freak out about how the cable box works and how he can connect his TV. After that ridiculousness I went into the kitchen with Mike, and we were in shock at how rude this man was. Next thing we know D has decided that even though her and her roommates have pre-chosen rooms, she is going to take the bigger room because "it just isn't fair for her to have the small room"...so glad I am not her roommates (this is the 1 story I am going to tell about D being a spoiled brat..that would be a whole other blog post). Then D and her dad disappeared to the car for about 30 minutes, he was ranting on the phone with someone. At some point D says to me "Oh don't worry about my Dad, he is always like this. He is a lawyer." Well I am an engineer but I don't go spouting equations out of my mouth all the time....anyhoo...

Next thing I know, my landlord who I loved and respected so much appeared and yelled at as politely told us  to dump everything on the lawn, even the subletters stuff. Lovely man. After telling him that we had made an arrangement with D he sure changed his tune. "Oh well then" he says "it is between you and them."

Next thing you know, we are in the porch of our apartment, me, the landlord, D's Dad (both who are like 6 ft tall next to my 5' 2") pretty much yelling at me because I haven't moved out.  Side note--we weren't in the way of her moving in at all. Once I mention that D and I have an arrangement via EMAIL (hard evidence, just sayin) that seemed to have cool the fire. Then the landlord mentioned something about compensation for the day's rent, and the dollar signs went of in Daddy's head. Suddenly here we were...new grads with like NO MONEY...possibly paying rich lawyer man, and his lovely daughter with the stolen room and the bedazzled blackberry.

He didn't ask for the money right then...and later in the day I think I hear his daughter trying to convince him to not take the money because I had been nice to her via e-mail answering questions about the apartment and whatnot..great I think, I am saved $50.

The day calmed down after that, but it was still tense in that little 3 bdrm. Finally as the day is drawing to an end...D comes in and asks for that all mighty $50.  I was soo mad...so so so so so mad. But what can I do, I am but a lowly child compared to Daddy. So I forced a smile on my face, handed the girl her money, and walked away.

I got kind of upset on the way home because I thought of what my dad would have done in the same situation...even if he was stressed, even if we having his worst days...he would have never taken the money. Never. I can't think of anyone who would.

After we arrived back at my boyfriend's families house and told them about my peachy keen day...I decided to google this man, just to see if he was a prominent lawyer. I knew what town he was from...lets just say a major city in the Maritimes, and I knew his last name, and I knew he was a lawyer. With those few key words suddenly his picture appeared. But instead of his scowl he wore all day in this picture he was smiling...he was smiling because it was his campaign picture for the 2011 election, in which he won the seat for his riding representing the Progressive Conservative party of Canada.

Thats right, this man was not only a lawyer...he was a freakin MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.

Icing on the cake.

It ruined my day, but even writing this blogpost, I am over it. More so like I am just retelling the story. I am not going to seek major retribution for this...considered writing a letter to the editor in the above mentioned place, but it so isn't worth my energy. I heard from my friends who live in this town that everyone already knows he is a jerk, and it was a big shock that he won the election. So it is not even a great news breaking story.

And because I have at least some compassion for people I have tried to keep this little rant as vague as possible, because I am not looking for revenge, just wanted to point out that it was really not cool.

 The rest of my vacation involved a relaxing trip to my cottage, lying on the beach, hot tubbing, and a few glasses of wine. I came back to work relaxed, furniture sold, Halifax apartment keys thrown into the ocean. Ahh bliss.

And with a great story to boot...HA.

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