Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Haunt: Revenge of the Traffic

My computer and facebook are obviously in cahoots. After I wrote that big ole rant 9ish days ago, my computer has hated my life and has been very sporadic with letting me OPEN THE INTERWEBS. I have been reading blogs and watching TV online (using wifi not 3G because I am a smarty pants) on my phone, because it is actually faster than my little netbook. Anyway, finally got the tech savvy BF to  reformat/clean/defrag/perform magic on the netbook...and now it is just back to its normal slowness. (It's actually a little faster, but I'll never admit that to him..oh wait he reads these..ooops!)

Now you get to hear about all the crazy fun stuff I did in the past 9 days!

Last Saturday (the 22nd) myself, the BF and 2 of our friends headed up to CANADA’S WONDERLAND.
The Mountain was so much bigger when I was littler!

We went for the day to hit up the rides because it was about half price compared to the summer and the lineups were about 10 times smaller. After about 5 hours of rollarcoastering, we headed back downtown for a CW break, and then headed back up there for Halloween Haunt, which is an event where they make the park all spooky, and there are a bunch of haunted houses and mazes to do. Very spooooky.

Since the park closes from 5-7 our plan was to head back to TO, give our friends a chance to take their dog for a walk, then head back in time for a special buffet dinner at the park that came as an addition to our ticket. Our dinner went from 6:15 to 6:45 and then you could get early access to some of the mazes. So we left  downtown around 5:30 because that same day it took us 45 minutes to get there.

Well that didn’t happen this time. One of the major area highways was shut down, and traffic was ridiculous. We also drove through the annual Toronto Zombie Walk, cool but not conductive to our plans.  Around 7:00 we finally made it close to the park, and at 7:45 we finally made it to the parking lot. So many people had the same idea as us! Once we finally got in, bought our supper since we missed the buffet, we got to enjoy the haunted houses/mazes. The attractions were pretty cool, and they involved a lot of things jumping out at you, which after the initial shock, I find hilarious, so I spent a good portion of the time laughing. We saw a few  shows, and left the park at midnight when it was all over…Then we sat in the parking lot for an hour and 15 minutes. Without moving. Way to have a horribly designed parking lot Canada’s Wonderland.

We finally made it home at 2:00am. I hate to sound so negative, but that wait at the end, and how much it cost, and the traffic to get there, definitely put a damper on things. I think next time I would probably just go at night, skip the rides, and just do the mazes and the shows. I would take the early supper option (5:15-5:30) get in early, and then leave before 11:30 to miss the rush. I would also go the week earlier because as it gets closer to Halloween, the attendance increases exponentially!

The next day was a lazy day interrupted by a fire alarm at 8:30 am…not impressed.

So in order for this to not turn into a MEGA GIANT POST, I am going to save this week/weekend for tomorrow’s post, where I will talk about my actual halloweening!

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