Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Part 2: Costume Time

Annnd I’m back. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; it may even be my favorite. As a kid, I loved playing dress up, and I loved the spookiness of Halloween, it wasn’t even the candy aspect for me, but the event itself. As a big kid, I still love the event, and any chance I get to bust out a costume is fine by me (by any chance I mean musicals, dance recitals and costume parties not just randomly, I’m not that crazy).

So this Halloween was looking a little dismal on the activity front. I did the Halloween Haunt thing, and thought that was going to be it. I didn’t even have a costume prepared or thought about…which is ridiculous considering most years I have 2 or more. So on Wednesday when our friends K and T (same friends as the Halloween haunt kids) invited us to a Halloween party on Friday I was totally sold. But the party was two days away, and I had no costume!! OH NO!!!

So on Wednesday night the four of us hit up Value Village and Walmart with some success. Well, Mike found all of his costume, and the rest of us had some more looking to do. I had decided to be Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s mostly because all I needed was a few accessories. I didn’t find what I needed but I found this knitted/quilted sweater at Value Village and almost bought it, just for shear awesomeness. And yes I totally snapped this pic will the sole purpose of putting on this bloggity blog.
Turquoise and beige..impressive

On Friday I had a perfectly timed day off (one of my earned days off, everyone at the company I work at works 8.5 hours every day to have 1 Friday off a month). So I got to meet up for lunch with a friend who was in town for a conference, and I got to find the rest of my costume pieces. For the past 3 years I have needed a pair of fancy black gloves, and I finally found them at Fashion Crimes, an amazing girly (read expensive) store on Queen St. West. I walked in on a mission and blatantly asked for the cheapest black gloves they had, and I’m glad I did too! The ones I got weren’t out on the rack and they were only $18 compared to the $45 ones I was looking at (and would never buy). The sales people were fantab, and if I ever needed to buy a $700 party dress, I would totally hit up that store. Unfortunately I will never need (read actually waste money on) a $700 party dress.

I arrived back home around 3:00pm, and even though I knew we were only heading to the party around 10:00pm, I decided to start my costume assembly. I wanted to practice the hair because I didn’t want to be rushing with the updo 15 minutes before the party. I copied a video on Youtube, and within 20 minutes had actually done the hair do. I was shocked. So I lathered on the hairspray and at 3:30 I was all done up with no place to go.

Once we actually got to the party, it was a blast, and everyone had super sweet costumes. Our friends went as a bee and a bee keeper, which was an adorb couples costume.

They got asked by some randoms on the subway if they were in love. Hilarious. One of the best costumes of the night were two girls dressed as sushi, and a guy as a sushi chef. Easy costumes, but great effect. It was great to be out and social after about 4 months of not going out!

Mike and I were not very couply since he went as Dexter. Not even the same genre/era/theme or anything. Oh well, at least this year Mike was able to dress up since last Halloween he had a ton of school work, and couldn’t really go out or dress up. You can kind of tell in the pictures that his hair is actually sprayed with a gold/blonde hairspray to make him look more like Dexter. It made me laugh to see him with gold hair.

Yesterday, we went to visit my little cousins during the actual Halloween festivities. They were wired on chocolate, and it was fun to see all the trick or treaters in an actual neighbourhood. Like I said before, as a kid the actual candy part of Halloween was just an added benefit, but now, as a junk deprived adult, I totally would chow down on all that candy and junk!!

And now Halloween is over, and it is on to the next event. I have been reading a lot of bloggers who LOVE Christmas and November 1st officially starts their Christmas count down. I am so not that intense about Christmas, so don't worry you won't be getting any Christmas themed posts until about December 1st...and that is even early for me!!

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