Thursday, April 19, 2012

From Scratch

This past Sunday I went crazy.

Mike and I decided to eat really healthy for the next two weeks, so I had to make sure we were prepared for the week. On Saturday we did our healthy groceries..discovered that a big ole turkey was on sale and bought it. After we defrosted it I realized that we had just finished leftover turkey...and now we had an whole week of more urns.

Sunday, after a movie date with a friend (aside..I went to go see Titanic in IMAX...yes I could watch it for free, but paying almost 20 bucks for a ticket was almost worth it. Man I really like that movie..ok back to food related post). After coming back from the very long movie it was around 8 pm on a Sunday evening. Perfect time to START COOKING A TURKEY. The full stuffing, (borrowed) roast pan and all. Told you I went crazy.

Once I got the Turkey in the oven I started on all the other business. Mike helped and chopped and peeled and washed all the veggies. Meanwhile I made two things that I refuse to buy from a store anymore:

1. Almond Butter
Almond Buttery Goodness
This took some time, but the end result was awesome. I simply added almonds to a food processor and blended away. One thing I learned was to only add a little bit at a time. For some reason the almonds didn't start creating oils unless there was lots of room in the food processor. I also added a bit of olive oil to make it lest almond dust and more Almond Buttery. After a lot of blending (and probably annoying my neighbours) the end result was DELICIOUS. It is light and fluffy, and even my "natural nut butter" hater of a BF likes it! The best part was that for a 300g jar of Almond butter costs like 8 bucks and I was able to make about 900g of almond butter for 6 bucks..yay!

2. Hummus
 I have made homemade hummus before, but this time was perfection. I added 2 cans of chickpeas, a couple spoonfuls of tahini, some garlic, lemon juice and some Sriracha hot sauce and a wee bit of olive oil and processed it up. The trick to get that nice creamy hummus without adding tons of oil is to leave a little liquid with the chickpeas. Perfection. Once again, homemade hummus is WAY cheaper. So for 2 dollars (for the chickpeas) I made about 1L of hummus. Now we just have to eat it!

And after all that (pushing midnight by now) the turkey was done!
It is a gobble gobble
And now for the second week in a row, we have been eating turkey. No more turkey please.

As for eating healthy we have stuck with the Low Sugar Diet Solution plan this week. I had a few little cheats today, but resisted the temptation of work donuts. The past few weeks at work there has been a ridiculous amount of "morning treats" and I have no will power in the morning, but this week I realized that I don't even like why should I keep eating them! I would much rather eat timbits haha. 

Do you make any thing from scratch? Have you almost forgotten to take out the giblets while prepping a turkey?

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