Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Have Been Dyeing to Tell You Something

Firstly this title is horribly punny. Get over it.

Secondly rounding up pictures for this post took 4eva and I may or may not have gotten horribly distracted at looking at old pictures and then a big phone chat with Mike's Momma. I am totally focused at finishing a task 100% of the look Real Housewives of Vancouver is on...*runs away for 15 minutes*

OK NOW I am writing this post for real.

Actually my ADDness is some what fitting for this post, since this project started in August. Ooops.
In the spirit of the Dude Get On That Already Challenge from Young House Love (side note for those who care..aka Mike...this challenge is about completing DIY/projects that you have procrastinated for a very long time), I decided to GET'ER DONE.

That being curtains. Kind of.

Rewind to August..or July even.

After having super sexy vertical blinds installed by the land lord in our apartment,
Only Before Pic of the blinds I could find
I decided that I needed to give them some love. So I bought some cheap shear IKEA curtains that were beige and had a brilliant idea of dyeing them teal.

All I needed was a Bucket, some Dye, and some Tongs and a pot of boiling water. I could have dyed them right in the pot but I didn't want to stain my new Paderno!

Once the water was boiled, I poured it over the curtains in the bucket and added the dye, and started stirring

As I started dyeing I realized that the bright perfect teal of the dye was not translating well to the shear curtains, they were coming out a light teal colour. Even letting them sit longer than the recommended time before rising, I kind of knew that they weren't going to be as dark as I wanted.

After washing they looked like this:
A pretty colour but I was hoping for this:

But I was happy with the colour overall and knew it would work out fine. So did Moseby. 

So all I had to do was wait for them to dry and then iron them and hang them up. Apperently that took from the August long weekend until the Easter Weekend. 

Tonight I finally ironed them and hung them up and it took all of 10 minutes..and here is the finished product. 

Ugh I really should have taken down the clothes rack..oops. Anyway now that we have accent pillows that kind of balance the teal and the grey and the light teal, I actually really like how the curtains look in real life.  Also this picture makes my apartment look a lot more squishy than it is in real life. But anyhoo. And the big fancy hanging up method...tape. I just taped the fabric to the inside of the blind cover thing.

I am actually glad they are light in colour because the moment I finished attaching them I remembered that we are only suppose to have neutral coloured window coverings in our building..and I bet from the ground it looks like they are white.

There one project down...50 million left to go.

PS...I found this video while trying to find the old pictures...look at the cuteness!!

Anyone else have projects ongoing since August? Anyone else want a kitten now!!?


  1. They turned out really well! Great job. I'm also still in lurve with your apartment. The windows are great.