Monday, November 12, 2012

Meeting Some Famous Bloggers

Hi Blog friends! I have a super nerdy/awesome blogosphere experience to share! I got to go to the Young House Love book signing.

For those that don't know Young House Love is a DIY/Home Improvement Blog by Sherry and John Petersik. There blog is so popular (like 5.5 Million page views in a month popular) that they both do it full time. This means all of their days are consumed with doing projects, writing, editing, and then posting, and answering comments (check out their day in a life page..certainly not easy work!). 

In addition to all that craziness, they also wrote a book called Young House Love with 243 DIY ideas. They had a photoshoot at their house while doing a kitchen renovation..they are crazy! Now that book has been released, they are in the middle of a book tour, while still maintaining the normal blog schedule and answering questions..wowza. 

When I found out they were coming to Toronto I was super excited!!! And the location was right down the street from me at a local West Elm. Huzzah! So I dragged Mike along and after a long line up process this happened....
Mini Blogger with Real Life Impressive Bloggers
The signing started at 6, so we got there at 4:30 and there was no line, so we went to grab Starbucks, and then went back in and there was a huge line up! We waited patiently and made some friends in line, then around 6 John and Sherry came out to sign. After waiting our turn we got our chance to say hi, and get their awesome book signed. 

Everyone had to make a little note of what we wanted them to say to speed up the process. I made them do a mad lib-esqe note. They laughed and took a photo of it...maybe I will be included in the highlights from Toronto tour!!!!

Hammering the Wall :)

They were super sweet and nice, and the best part was we got to the desk and Sherry says "Hi I'm Sherry" and then kind of caught herself and said "oh but I guess you know that". It was hilarious and just showed how humble they are. They also asked what the deal with Mike and I was because it must of been serious if he waited in line for that long. Mike is a good sport with these kind of things, and is a little bit of a DIY/home improvement nerd too!

The book looks like it is going to be full of awesome ideas and projects, and now I am going to be completely distracted reading through it for the next little while! 

The weird thing is I am not a fangirl by any stretch. I would probably not ask actors or actresses for autographs, and wouldn't go see an author do a book signing, but when you read about these people's lives every day it is different. Another blogger described it as meeting a pen-pal. Of course they have no idea who I am, so that makes it weird, but still it was a neat experience to get to meet them!

If you could meet another blogger who would it be??? Who would you wait in line for 2+ hrs to see??

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  1. AH! This sounds so fun. I'm a die-hard YHL fan too. Lucky you :)