Saturday, December 1, 2012

Aint Nobody Got Time for Dat- Christmas Edition

Hi Blog Readers!
Apperently meeting Sherry and John was so overwhelming that I couldn't blog again all month. JK.
I was super busy this month with tutoring and other fun stuff so no time to blog...and the lack of spare time led me to this idear for a post....



(In this hopefully regular feature, I am going to post some of my finds from Pinterest that make me shake my head)...

Christmas Garbage Box:
Christmas gift wrap box
Looks simple enough, but this is a box that you wrap, specifically to throw wrapping paper in so that Christmas morning pictures don't have a garbage bag in them. Who has time for this??? And who cares??? I can't imagine, that as a grown adult, exhausted from Christmas morning with the Chillins, that I will think..."oh darn, wish I had a wrapped box for garbage to be fancy, people are going to judge me for having a garbage bag in my photos." Seriously. If you have time for this in your life, you are way too on the ball. The best part (?) of all this is that is being constantly obviously EVERYONE will now need to have a wrapped box to be a good person. Face Palm.

Elf on the Shelf (Super Intense Version):
Another thing that I see all the time is the "Elf on the Shelf". I think in general the elf is a good idea. For those who don't know, it is a toy elf that shows up on a certain day to watch the children and report back to Santa if they are good or bad. Apparently is a great encouragement for good behaviour. The elf also is in a different spot every morning for the kiddies to find. Exciting. Once again, seems simple enough, but then people go on Pinterest with idears of crazy stuff that the elf gets into, like fishing for gold fish, and colouring and being in the "hot tub" with a barbie, stuff like that. Then this happens:
(The elf is in the tree btw. Side note this girly is like a professional Elf on the Shelfer. She is going to be on CNN on Monday to talk about it...crazy)..Anyway it is still ridiculous, first she would have had to have a perfectly clean house, then purposely mess it up, then clean it up again. ANGTFD!! (I am not alone in this thought..this Blog is hilarious!)

I don't know why this bothers me so is probably because one day I won't have time for this kind of stuff, and I will feel like a failure. Frig you pinterest for giving me future guilt.

To make up for this future guilt, try cooking with cheese. This is something I will always have time for :). Mike and I got a groupon for good cheese and have spent the past month using the weekends to make delicious food:
Toasted Pita, Truffle Brie, Black Berries, Thyme

Kale Salad with Mustard Vinagrette, Smashed Potatoes with Thyme, Portabellos with  pesto, prosciutto and goat cheese 
Truffle Brie Mac and Cheese (From here, with Brie instead of Parm, and chilli flakes instead of paprika)
I also forgot to take a picture of Turnip Gratin (source) with a 12 year old chedder. So good!!!

Maybe to you, you are saying "ANGTFD fancy cheese cooking!!" But at least I get to eat my time waster, instead of cleaning up toliet paper. Just sayin. 

Anyone else have any ANGTFD moments?? 

Please share, my comment section is all sad and lonely. 

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