Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year everyone!!!
First off, belated Merry Christmas! I spent the holiday in Bathurst with my family. (Mike was in Halifax, Moseby was in Toronto).  Christmas was great, and nice and relaxing! 

I rang in the new year in Halifax at the free Concert and Firework show with Mike and my parents! It was a blast! Mike and I ended up at our friend's house afterwards for a few drinks to celebrate 2012.
There is something about New Years Eve that I love. I love Auld Lang Syne, I love the noise makers, I love fireworks! And I get to spend it with Mike!

And then there is the new year resolutions...lets recap to 2012. In January 2012 I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, without overtime at work and many hours of tutoring forecasted, and big plans to meet these goals. Since my life (and Mike's) kind of got taken over with extra work some of these goals were not met. But I am ok with most of them:

GOALS 2012!

Blog Goals:
-          Blog 5 times a week
Obviously didn't happen..sorry folks, tutoring was more profitable than blogging. I like the pace that I am blogging at, whenever I feel like it! I don't feel guilty about missing a week, or jumping back in later. I will keep blogging, and perhaps have more focus..we will see!
-          Take more pictures for blog
I tried! Having a smartphone and a nice camera helped. I would like to use photoshop and get into editing photos and learn more about my camera. This may be a project for the summer this year. 
-          Complete a craft/DIY project twice a month
Bahaha this totally didn't happen. I bought stuff to do a project, and pinned a lot of things on pinterest, but this was a the bottom of my to-do list. Maybe a summer thing???

Food/Fitness Goals:
-          January Diet
-          Lose 15 pounds by May 1st-          Go to the gym 5 times a week
In general I did well with my gym/diet until March/April. I did ok in September, and not too bad in November.  I didn't do that well with going to the gym in the past couple of months, and want to improve. 
ME goals:
-          Actually have a bedtime routine (aka don’t read pinterest while lying in bed then fall asleep)
Umm...kind of forgot I made this goal. 
-          Keep my “clean” clothes off the floor in my room
I did slightly better maybe. I just asked Mike his opinion and he said "I can't remember if you improved"...probably not a good sign. 
-          Remember Birthdays
I still was mailing cards at the last minute and doing last minute gift shopping. Didn't do well with this one!
-          Stay on Budget
Did ok with this one because of tutoring. I still spent too much money on restaurants, but overall not to bad. 

So for this year:

GOALS 2013!

1. Get my E-life organized (photos/files etc.) Mike and I have been having computer/hard drive issues and this needs to happen so I don't lose everything!
2. Get my finances organized..actually go to a bank and talk to someone so I am getting the best account/TFSA etc. Actually be a grown up.
3. Go to the Gym and stay focused on the diet. Run a 10 km in the fall. Do the Mud Run in 50 mins.
4. Pick up my clothes off the floor/be more organized
5. Have more free time on the weekend!!!

What are your New Years Goals??  Can eating more cheese be a goal for me??

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