Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Pink Hardhat- 3 Years Old

Happy new year everyone!
Hey, this bitty blog is 3 years old today!

Keeping it real time...over the past little while I have really considered if I want to continue blogging. I had a bunch of posts drafted/started, but I could never seem to find the time to collect pictures and post them. Or I would over analyse the post if it wasn't "good enough". There were some pretty good ones too about staying in the fitness routine after stopping triathlon training, some good cooking posts, 2 about hot yoga, one about holiday decorating, gift giving. I have also had some good ideas that I have had forever, but never actually gotten around to writing (budgeting, mood boards, 1 apartment 2 ways etc.)

Blogging (good blogging I should say) takes a lot of effort, and unfortunately as much I as love writing random posts, I can’t find the time to edit, take good pictures, and fight with blogspot to actually post it (side note, blogspot photo placement with my tiny netbook working on ubuntu has recently become a PITA!) So kudos to those bloggers who have a full time job, and still manage to post multiple times a week, with lovely graphics and photos, and giveaways…you guys are awesome!

Blogging to me is a fun activity, and since it doesn’t actually do me any tangible benefit, it often falls to the bottom of my priorities. And the past couple of months, I have had somewhat of a struggle, no struggle is too strong of a word, challenge maybe, of meeting all of my critical priorities. I was feeling a little stressed in November, and I couldn’t figure out why, but I realized is because I am making too many things my number 1 priority. Planning wise I was fitting everything in, and no individual item was causing me stress, but I was just putting a lot of pressure on myself to do everything the BEST. (Type A, goal driven, perfectionist personality sometimes has that impact).

For some reason this fall I put all these stupid goals in my head. Like not only do I have to go the gym 5x a week, I have to do a specific workout regime, and go to goodlife to do it or I am wasting money. Or not only I am going to make some money by tutoring, but to save more money I am not going to buy any lunches or dinners during the work week (including 5$ subway). Or the apartment has to be spotless every day, even when there are not showings. It was getting annoying. I was setting these unrealistic goals for myself that weren’t even important.
Once I acknowledged that I was “sweating the small stuff” I finally gave myself a little slack. And for the past couple of weeks, I’m actually getting more done, without being stressed at all about it. Which is weird because I was actually busier than normal with all the holiday stuff. I guess it is just the now I can see the trees through the forest or whatever clich├ęd metaphor fits best :P.

So moral of the story: setting unrealistic goals for yourself is silly. And sometimes having a blog post with no pictures is perfectly acceptable. So therefore this blog will continue, and maybe there will be no pictures now and then. Deal with it. 

Anyway with all that being said, I will continue to blog..and this year I will have FORM AND FUNCTION!

  • Matrimony Monday- Mike and I got engaged (ZOMG), so i want to share some of my lessons learned from starting to wedding planning- Stay tuned for next monday!
  • Task Tuesday- I have a lot of projects/organization on the go, and I want to blog about and be motivated to talk about it. Project Tuesday didn't sound as good as task tuesday. Just consider this the posts where I will be whittling down the never ending to-do list!
  • What I ate Wednesday- What I have been cooking and eating/healthy food, not so healthy food..maybe some with cheese!
  • Fitness Friday- Staying on track and different fitness goals!
  • Weekend Randoms- posts that don't fit any of the above categories will go up on Sunday nights! 

I may not post 5x a week, but there will be some order to which I am posting...huzzah! Ok year 4, bring it on!!

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