Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Smaritans

I have been wanting to write about this for a while now, but got distracted by life.

The other week I was at Starbucks on the corner of Spring Garden and Queen. A girl came running in and fled to the bathroom. I thought she seemed pretty frazzled. Then she came out in a panic and asked the cashier (barista?) if he had seen someone leave with a wallet and a cellphone from the bathroom. Being the keen overhearer as I am I pieced together that she had forgotten her wallet and cellphone in the bathroom about 3 minutes earlier and then left Starbucks. The cashier calmly looked at her and said "Oh someone turned them in, we have them in our safe." The girl then exclaimed to her boyfriend that she couldn't believe that someone returned them, and then she even checked her wallet and all the money was in there.

Obviously the girl wasn't from the Maritimes. I think for the most part Haligonians are pretty honest people. I think that if most people I know found a wallet and cellphone in a semi public bathroom they would try to return it. I read somewhere once that a study was done to prove which country and cities are the most honest. The study peeps placed 100 wallets per city and monitored how many were returned. Apparently my memory is super good because it was in a 2001 Reader's Digest article as I just googled. At the bottom of the page shows the Canadian cities. Moncton was the best (100%), with charlottetown in 2nd (80%). Halifax was lower than I expected (50%).

Regardless, I was touched at how happy this girl was that she found her wallet because of an act of kindness from a stranger.

Another act of kindness...
Later last week, the Mike was driving around my new car (ooo I got a new car!) he didn't realize the lights had to be turned on. We are both used to driving cars with automatic lights. A car started following us, and as we pulled over to let out one of our friends, the driver of the car stopped, came over to our car and warned us that the lights weren't on! Thank you stranger!

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