Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moving, Packing, Listing

I threw out a pair of shoes today. A pair of flipflops to be exact. They literally fell apart. I also went through all my stuff on the weekend, and donated 2.5 garbage bags and threw out another 3. I also got to throw out some of my old notes for example my humanities requirement from 2nd year where I took History: Early Modern England...pretty sure I won`t need those some day soon. I figured since now I have actually got my degree I can probably throw out some of the "good memories."  I keep thinking that every bag I get rid of now is one that I don't have to A: Pack and B: Unpack when I get to Toronto.

Speaking of which, I have started making a list of fun things I can do once I move to TO. 
1. Going to Canada's every day, I am seriously considering buying a season pass
2. Enjoying the Corso Italia Festival as it is my 2nd weekend in the City (and is around the block from my Uncle and Aunt's house, where I will be crashing until I find an apartment)
3. Finding an apartment and moving in, and buying things for the apartment! Yay IKEA and Homesense
4. Going up to my family's cottage (2hr North of TO) to enjoy the lake! 
5. Hanging out with Toronto Family and Friends
6. Exploring the city as a non-tourist.(Kensington Market is up on my list, I will need to replace the Halifax Market!)
7. Not tutoring. 
8. Enjoying my new job!
9. Blogging about new things
10. Cooking and exercising in a new city (see my other bloggity blog for all that business). 

At the same time I am trying not to be sad about leaving the East Coast. 90% of the time I am ready for this new adventure (BF and Cat in tow) and about 10% of the time it hits me that this isn't just a fun short term trip. It is for realz. 

Things I will miss about Halifax and the Maritimes
1. My Bathurst famjam and my Halifax famjam
2. My friends!
3. The kids I tutor
4. The Halifax nightlife, specifically trivia nights
5. The beach/salt air
6. Not being 40+ all summer
7. No 401
8. General east coast lifestyle (ie not rushing to catch a subway that comes every 2 mins)
9. Donairs, not that I eat them a lot, but they are delicious. Along the same line I am going to miss Alexandria's and Darrell's for noms as well. 
10. No smog

I am starting the trek in a week. In between now and then I have a bunch of people to hang out with, a trip to Moncton, 12 hours of tutoring, some family dinners, and packing. Time is going to fly by!

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  1. you know that a season pass costs you the same as going like twice right?