Friday, July 8, 2011

Best Appliance ever...

So.. I have this thing for appliances. I walk into futureshop and Mike goes straight to tvs and computers, and I go to look at all the pretty fridges and stoves and laundry machines. Super housewify of me I know. Anyway, by moving into this apartment meant a significant upgrade from my Halifax appliances. Lets just say that we had significant issues with the appliances mostly because they were old. So we arrived to this place with tape still on the oven door...never been used! Huzzah! We also found this guy...

It is a front load..wait for it..washer and dryer in one. WHOOAA. So that means that it makes life oh so easy if you put a load of laundry in, and just leave it in there to dry. Huge improvement over the 3 cycles needed to dry a load in we thought.

Turns out this washer/dryer is super small, and takes FOREVER to do one load of laundry. When I really grow up I am going to have a super deluxe washer and a snazzy color it has been decided.

So as you probably figured out that is not the best appliance ever...
This is:

It is a toaster, that cooks an egg in the round thing and can warm up meat. When we bought it (from I thought it would only poach eggs, but oh hard boils them too. I simply add water from a specially marked cup to cook the egg to my favorite level of done (level of done.. that sounds like something from a video game!).  So for the past 3 days I have been eating a variety of eggs, and it amazes me how quickly it cooks it, how perfectly it cooks, and how little there is to clean up. Nom nom eggies.
My super from tonight...the toaster is making me eat healthy. Check out my other blog for the deats!

In other news, Moseby got into the royal tour spirit and modeled the latest trend..the fascinator:
Human look (from
Super good look for a male cat...I am sure he is impressed.
oooo awww
Moseby has a habit of getting things on his head (the thing above is actually a cat toy)..No I am not one of those people who dress up their cat. Just sometimes he ends up in funny this from back in January:
Such a photogenic beasty

Ok enough of me rambling about my cat! It is friday!!! No idea what my plans are for this weekend..but I am in desperate needs of some groceries..or I could just keep cooking eggs!

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