Monday, July 4, 2011

Mi Casa-600 sq ft of livin the dream

So as I mentioned in the last post (almost 2 weeks ago..whoa!) we were looking at apartments downtown. Well we got one! It is brand spanking new (the ice cube tray in the freezer was still taped down) and is literally down the street from the CN tower. It is super convenient for me to get to work, and not that bad of a commute for Mike.

Here are some pictures! It is still a work in progress, but at least we have furniture!

View from the bedroom..WATER!!!

The bedroom, Moseby loves his new digs
Looking from the living room into the kitchen, nice and open
Kitchen to living room, woo Ikea furniture
Mike's office/den for when he is doing homework (sucka!)
Decorated bathroom
We have a patio too, but it is really warm out there right now, and I am comfortably air conditioned indoors.

In other Toronto news, today was the first day I drove on the big scary highways all by my one-sy.
This was taken last week when Mike was driving, not today when I was driving
Cars everywheres!!! I commute against traffic so it isn't too bad, and I am not on the dreaded 401 so that is a good thing!

Other than that TO has been keeping me (us) busy. We went up to the cottage for the long weekend, and enjoyed getting out of the city and into a lake!

Hopefully now that I am settled I am going to be able to blog more! I have a growing list of things I want to write about just waiting to be typed!


  1. Pretty pretty windows in the bedroom!! Looks really nice.

  2. The place looks awful dark. If you try light colours and some well placed mirrors it should help with that.