Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

I love how I get to Sunday and I am like "Ahh I haven't had a blog post in like a week" every single week. So much for writing every second day as I had planned. The blog would probably get very boring if I wrote every second day though, so I guess I will just continue on writing when I feel like it..which is RIGHT NOW!

I am starting to get bored. It has been a week since all things charity event related are done, and at first I enjoyed the real free time. And even then I have been applying to jobs (I am now a legit tutor huzzah) and showing my apartment, but the boredum is starting to creep in. Facebook is even getting less addictive, a sure sign I have spent too much time on it.

I will be even more bored this week because I finished reading The Secret Daughter on Friday. It is such a good book...I seriously recommend it. (If you check out the link and read the reviews, ignore the negative comment, because the chicky admits she didn't read the end of the book, which makes the comment lamesauce). I normally like books that are funny and light at chick-lit-y, think anything by Sophie Kinsella, and the Secret Daughter doesn't fit my norm, but it is still super good. Any suggestions on my next read?

I also have been spending a lot of time watching TV as per usual. This weekend Erin Brockovich was on tv.  I remember watching this movie with my parents when I was quite young and being shocked at all the swearing. It was a BFD (Big Friggin Deal). But then a few years later I watched the movie again, and realized how much I love it. I studied civil environmental engineering, so the whole groundwater contamination/seepage issue is right up my alley. I was impacted so much by the movie that in my 3rd year water treatment course I wrote a 12 page literature review about the studies done using organics to remove hexavalent Chromium from water. Super nerd. So long story not so short I love the movie, and through all that nerdy stuff, my favorite parts are luckily both in the trailer at 1:43 and 2:17.

And now I am about to go watch the season (18) premiere of my absolute favorite reality TV show, The Amazing Race. This season it is the "favorite teams" who didn't win coming back for a second chance. And that  includes the Cowboys from season 16, woot woot! I have watched every season of amazing race, and would seriously consider getting american citizenship just to be on the show. I would totally ski dive/bungy jump/eat weird food for $1,000,000. Plus it would be exactly how I would love to see the world, in non-stop-competition mode. FTW.



  2. Disclaimer: Barney's fav things are not the same as my fav things. Just sayin.