Monday, February 7, 2011

Online TV

The charity event I was planning is over! On Saturday we raised over $5000 for the Halifax Region Children's Aid Foundation by pulling a car around a track. We are still working on a silent auction, bar night, and a raffle, but the majority of the work is done!

I woke up on Sunday and the first thought that crossed my mind was "what next?". I haven't heard back from any jobs yet (fingers and toes crossed, I should be hearing back soon), and once again on Thursday I will actually have free time.  I will probably look into getting a part time job, either babysitting or waitressing...both I have experience with from back in the day, and actually enjoyed.

However, I could easily slip into really doing nothing and become addicted to TV shows. Who am I kidding I am already taking watching whole series at a time as a serious hobby. I started with Dexter. Got through 4 seasons in 3 weeks, and then hit the end of season 4 and for some reason didn't want to keep watching. Dexter is a very dark show to watch consistently for 3 weeks. So my next show was Community, which is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. It is a hilarious show, and conveniently my roommate has the entire 2 seasons on our apartment network. When I first started watching, I was watching it online, on the sketchy "Free TV" websites.

As I was watching the show the ads on the sides kept flashing in my face "You have 2 crush requests" "Hot girls in Halifax want to meet you" (IP tracking creeps me out sometimes). I have got to wonder, how gullible/stupid are the people who click on these links..and what happens when you do? Also, I noticed that most of these ads are directed at guys. So apparently either guys are the only ones watching tv online, or they are the only ones stupid to fall for "Hotgurl 21" sending them a "message".

Ahh the interwebs, such a fun and exciting place :).

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