Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eating like a Cave-Woman

I was perusing Pinterest the other day and I came across this....

I thought wow that sounds exactly like what I have been eating. Then I realized I am kind of doing the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet, or caveman diet, is suppose to replicate our eating habits to what we ate as cave men/women. Think about it, prehistoric humans did not have chippies avaliable to hunt.

Anyway that little picture sums up my diet way easier than I ever could, so I thought I would share it here! 

BTW...I AM NOT A EXPERT ON THIS DIET BIDNESS...I know more about designing pipelines and writing technical reports than I actually do about nutrition and food chemistry and what not. I think that Canada's food Guide is still probably the smarter more balanced thing to do. All that being said, reducing sugar consumption can't be a bad thing! 

So in review, my week on the Paleoish diet went a little something like this. Tuesday/Wednesday I had headaches from sugar withdrawals but by Thursday I was doing ok. I was sticking to the diet completely, and didn't feel hungry! 

On Friday I was offered 2 treats at work, a chocolate cookie and a free mini bag of Munchies. I politely refused both (Woot) but the chips some how still ended up on my desk. I know people mean well when they give out free treats at work, but I can only resist so long! But...notice that I said it ended up on my desk, not in my belly. I took them and put them in the drawer, and forgot about them. Then when I came to work on Monday, I decided that I didn't want them in the first place, and I threw THEM IN THE GARBAGE...UNOPENED. Who am I??

I know it wouldn't have made a big difference in my life if I had ate them, but it was more the premise of it. I was really proud of myself.  In other big news, I haven't had any dairy in the past week, and that is the part I miss the most.  I <3 Cheese. Dairy comes back in next week, and I will be eating my share of low fat cheese.

I have made a commitment to eat healthy all day at work and as healthy as I can when I am home, that way if I go have some starbucks on the weekend, or popcorn at the movies, or a good meal in a restaurant, it is ok! It is the 85/15 rule.  This week I didn't do to bad overall even on the weekend. I had the aforementioned snacks, and I had a small bowl of oatmeal, and mini sandwich with almond butter and blueberries on whole wheat bread. So even my cheats were healthy. Except for the sweet potato fries on Friday night, those were just a treat.

I haven't been bored with my food at all, I have had a variety of food, from Curry Lentil Soup to Spicy Salmon to this creation tonight:

Why yes that is a face with Broccoli Hair!
Because I am five, the face plate consists of some raw veggies, an avacado nose, and a mouth made of green pepper stuffed with left over ground pork with homemade taco spices, and some hot sauce on top! I also had some Kale Chips with spicy flavors, and then I made some homemade protein bars for this week because Mike asked me too!

On top of all that healthy eating I have been good with going to the gym too! I went to an awesome Zumba Class yesterday, and went to my normal Body Pump class with the instructor who is great and haven't had a class from in a long time!

All this healthy eating and fitness is paying off, according to the scale I lost 4 pounds since Christmas which I know is a high weight loss for one week. I finally broke a plateau that I had all of last fall, and the trick will be to see if it stays off, or even goes down!

Like I said in my previous post, I don't think the complete, intense Paleo/Diet Solution diet is right for me and my life indefinitely, but for now I think I will stick with it. Next week I get dairy back, and the week after I get quinoa, brown rice and split grain bread. I think I can handle that! After a month, I will see if I want to continue!

Have you made your supper into a face lately??? How are your New Years Goals going?

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  1. Damn... how did people survive without chippies for so long??