Monday, January 9, 2012

My Version of A Lazy Weekend

It’s Monday again. Sometimes I really like Mondays, it is a fresh start to the week,  back to routine, and chances are I have a fridge full of groceries, and a closet full of clean clothes!  Today was no exception, I was totally prepared for the week, but right before I woke up I had a super depressing dream, and it totally made me wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  Luckily, I had a good day at work, and I went to Zumba (for the first time in about a month) and that made me feel happy. I even came home to a nice pot of Kale and Bean soup!

I should have had an even more awesome Monday since my weekend was fantastical!

On Friday right after work I hit up Body Jam for a super fun workout, then booted it home to meet Mike and our friends Katie and Travis for dinner. We went to Fox and the Fiddle near our apartment. It was a good restaurant, but I was trying really hard to stick with the diet, and I was bored of salad. So I ended up getting French onion soup and sweet potato fries (the fries were my treat!).  I was that super annoying person who asked for no cheese on my soup and didn’t even eat the bread bits in the soup. Crazy.

On Saturday, I had a well needed sleep in, and then spent the day folding laundry and watching bad tv. Then I watched some better TV (aka Tru Blood), and then made some healthy supper for Mike and I. Then we headed out to go see the early show of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Mike and I both read the books and were super excited to see the movie. Mike had attempted to see the Movie 2 times over xmas break, but didn’t have any luck, so he was even more excited!

And here is the funny story to accompany attempt number 3 of seeing the movie.

Mike has a points card for the movie, so every 10 tickets you buy, you get 1 free. We were buying ticket #10 and getting a free one for the movie. So we went to buy the first one, and the cashier told us it takes a few minutes for the points to accumulate, so we should go and buy the 2nd ticket near the concessions. So we went and bought our snacks first, then we went to buy our 2nd ticket. But…as we are waiting in line to buy the second ticket, and we noticed the screen switch to SOLD  

Normally stuff like that doesn’t really throw me off. We were in no rush, and we could just exchange our ticket for the later show, and hang out around the movie theater until then, but that being said…. I had been looking forward to that small popcorn and diet coke in a dark movie theater with a good movie all week.  Since we had our popcorn already I pouted like a child for about 10 minutes because the plan had failed.   We ended up eating some of our snacks, then going over to the nearby chapters, where we spent almost 3 hours perusing the shelves, and getting a skinny mocha from Starbucks. Silver lining: I found a laptop lap cushion/table in one of my fav colours for half price! Yay! Mike was being a creeper in Chapters!
Who is that Guy?
The movie went late, and it is a pretty intense movie, so I ended up only falling asleep at 3:00am therefore, Sunday started late. On Sunday, we got our groceries for the week, and then I bought some new skates, since mine were a junior size five that I have had forever, and they made my feet numb because they were so small. I also left them in Bathurst, so it was a good excuse to buy a new pair!

After a quick late lunch, Mike and I headed out to the Harbourfront skating pond for a super fun skating date.
 They have free skating every day, and on Saturday nights they have a DJ so Mike and I are totally going to use skating (on nice days) as our weekend exercise!

After skating we met up with our friends for a coffee date! I have become that person to get a tall-non-fat, no-whip-pumpkin spice latte, I roll my eyes at myself for this. Sunday night was a super non exciting night of leftovers, dishes, ironing, and Trublood watching!  

In summary of my weekend:
2 Starbucks treats
2 boxes of groceries for the week
2 Dates with the Michael
2 Friend Dates with K & T
3 Episodes of Trublood watched
8 Hours of Laundry related activities

Anyone else do copious amounts of Laundry or Trublood watching this weekend??

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