Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Night In

I have officially been blogging for a year! I started this blog on January 11th 2011, and have been blogging semi-consistently ever since!

Like I said with my Big Plans post, when I first started blogging I really had no idea what I was doing..since then I have decided what I want to write about, how I want my blog to look. Since January 1st of 2012, I have added pages, reved-up my about me section, and re-arranged the layout.

And as of tonight I have my FANCY SMANCY HEADER!

I have been planning the header since before Christmas and finally got around to doing it. I was inspired by the header makeover at young house love. Since I don't have photoshop on my netbook I had to wait until it was a good time to steal Mike's computer, and use a legit desk and mouse.

I am by no means an expert photoshopper or photographer, however they have been skills I have always been interested in acquiring. So this blog will be a good place for me to practice! I am trying to save up for a fancy smancy camera at some point in my life, so if I get into the habit of taking pictures, and editing them I will have validation for buying a nice camera (with lenses..oooo).

Anyway back to my header that I just spent my Saturday night working on (I am a PARTY ANIMAL I tell ya).

I started by taking pictures of all of the stuff on a neutral background.

Next I edited the background out, resized it and combined all of the items on Photo shop. I also adjusted the brightness and color to make things pop. For the CN tower sketch, I used one of the free picnik effects to change a picture (actually a picture from this blog post) into a sketch. The blank map was from google images, and then I added the little starbursts.

Like I said, I am not an expert photoshop user, so it is a bit rough, but I literally squealed when it uploaded because it is exactly what I was picturing! I am not 100% sold on the font so I may change that later, but for now it is PERFECT!
I think the spinach picture is my favorite :p

From left to right, I have a map of NB and NS to indicate where I came from. I have a bowl of berries to represent my healthy eating aspect of my life/blog. Next up I have pretty shoes, because I like the contrast of those shoes to my steel toe boots (and because they are pretty). Next up I have the PINK HARD HAT itself! On the left of the pink hard hat are those well used steel toe boots. Underneath the boots is a sketch of the CN tower to represent Toronto, and finally a brightly colored colander (with spinach because that is what it had in it) for the food part of my blog.

As much I loved it when I first did it, now I am seeing all the little things I can fix..oh well something to do in the future! For now it is PERFECT!

Next I wanted to add my photo, so I had a on the spot photo shoot, and with a few picnik edits, I was good to go! Now I actually have a decent picture of myself on this blog!

What a productive Saturday Night! I should actually be cleaning my apartment, instead I made more of mess by having a photoshoot.

The photoshoot got photobombed. Moseby was very curious to what I was doing...

He was also very interested in the light flicking from my camera...

So I took a picture of him to make him feel important...

 And of course he decided my backdrop would be a perfect place to lie down...

The he attacked the back drop...
That lump is him btw
Even my own picture attempts got photobombed..

Why yes I am using my Bathroom as has the best light :P
And even as I wrote this post he was all up in my grill.
It is a photobomb, within a photobomb. Inceptobomb.
Hope this post wasn't too crazy cat lady for ya'll! Tomorrow I am back with actual post about me doing actual things, not just having a photo shoot in my apartment.

Anyway one else have a random Saturday night? Anyone squeal in excitement for a mediocre photoshop project?

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