Sunday, January 22, 2012

Karaoke to Skating and Everything In Between

Hi peeps,
I have had a crazy week this past week! If by crazy you think trying to finish a book for book club in time, then you are completely right! We read Half Blood Blues this month, and I procrastinated for a while, and managed to finish just in time for our Friday night meeting. And if by meeting you are thinking an evening of good book discussion, good food, drinks, and karaoke, well then you are right again!

I started off my weekend on Friday night by hitting up The Office Pub on John St. for above mentioned book club meeting. We had a good dinner, and then a few of us stayed and sang some Karaoke. It was a great crowd of karaoke people, no one was bad enough that it was unpleasant to listen to, and no one was amazing enough to be intimated to not sing.

More interestingly, this is one of the few nights I have actually gone out in Toronto since moving here. I know I have no life. I just haven't found my "scene" yet. I (and Mike) are not Dance Club people, and we don't necessarily go out just the two of us, so it was really fun to get out with a group of people, and actually go to a bar!

On Saturday I had a semi productive day that involved groceries, bulk barn, shoe shopping, and more importantly a girls night with Katie. The boys went out with friends and we were told it was "kind of a guys thing" so we did our own thing! We ordered pizza, drank some girly drinks, and watched some movies, and talked and talked and talked! Very fun!

Today I got up and dealt with the disaster that was my apartment, and watched Trueblood, and then made this deliciousness:

How granola
It is a super simple granola from All Recipes, basically here is what I did (full Recipe on the Noms page) Cooked the oatmeal with some olive oil in a big saucepan at medium heat, took it out, melted butter, brown sugar, honey, and maple sugar, added the oatmeal back in. After warming it up and mixing it all together, I removed it from the heat, added some coconut, cranberries, and mixed nuts. Oh my it is good! Now I have granola for a snack/breakfast/whatever.

We also went skating today (Sunday tradition) and it was a perfect winter day for skating, 3 weeks in a row we have been lucky with nice weather.

Mike made a nice bowl of lentil and bean soup with chili powder and we will now have leftovers forever!

With corn not tomatoes.
 And now I must run and go deal with the last bit of cleaning, the folding of the laundry:
Can you find the Moseby in the photo? If you see him you get a prize!!!

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