Sunday, March 18, 2012

Challenge Accepted!...and Mission Accomplished!

Apperantly when I set my mind to a goal I am pretty determined to meet it!

Within a week of writing my last post, I went and donated blood!

On Thursday I was thinking about it, and was getting all light headed, and I stopped myself and said "Self...what are you actually afraid of?" It wasn't the pain, or unrealistic fears of something going horribly what was it that I was actually afraid of?? And the answer was nothing. Absolutely nothing. And with that thought suddenly my light headedness went away. Just like that. I can be a very rational person sometimes. 

So then on Friday I decided that it was the day! I called and made an appointment at the Mississaugua clinic for the evening, and read over all the details on the website.
(Side note, Mike thinks I was silly for taking a picture of the screen..but I wanted to document the process..and there was absolutely no way I was taking a picture of the actual this is what you get)

After making the appointment I  became a pest and bothered all my friends who have given blood with a million questions. I also ate a bunch of pumpkin seeds because they were high in Iron. 

And off I went to the clinic, and I wasn't even nervous. I was on a MISSION! 

I got to the clinic, they did the finger prick and it was slightly painful, and I passed my iron check, then I went and answered 1,000,000 questions, and finally it was time for me to face my fear! 

I will spare the glory details, but about half way through I started to feel lightheaded, but I told the nurse I wanted to keep going. She gave me a cold towel for the back of my neck and then I felt fine again. And before I knew it I was done. was one of the longer 6 minutes of my life..but I did it!!! 
I even looked at the bag of blood after the needle was gone. It was a significant amount! 

After giving blood, and drinking some juice and getting a cookie, Mike and I headed to dinner with some friends of the family. I don't know if was the post nerves or whatever but my appetite was non-existent. All I wanted to eat was fruit but luckily we were at Manaderin Buffet, so I could eat all the fruit I wanted. Yesterday I kind of felt weird too, but I think I just didn't drink enough water. 

That all being said even with the feeling icky part, I would probably do it again. I don't know what my blood type is, but my mom thinks it is O- (universal donor), so I feel obligated to donate more! It made me feel so happy to do something that is good for others, and also something that I thought I would never be able to do!

Notice the photobomb
Peeling off that pink dressing was way more painful than the actual my opinion. And the best part of all this was...I got to eat liver and onions tonight to replenish my iron! (I am a strange person who actually likes liver and onions!)

So there you have it. Goal accomplished with lots of time to spare! Done and Done. 

I have lots of other things to write about in the next few hopefully I will fit in some blogging time!

What did you do on Friday evening? Is it that weird that I like liver and onions?

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  1. Well done! In a few weeks they'll mail you a donor card which has your blood type printed on it - it's one of the things they check when they first process the donation.