Monday, March 5, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

If there is one thing I know about myself is that I have two speeds, vegetable, and SUPER CRAZY BUSY. When my schedule is not packed to the brim, I tend to be really lazy about everything..apartment is a little less clean, Ethics exam studyage is a little last minute, gym time may get put off etc. But when I have less time to fit it all in, some how it all gets done. That's just how I roll. I blame 4.5 years of crazy busy-ness at school.

Luckily it is always busy at work, so that goes well with my personality, but at home I was starting to get bored. It started right after my trip to Morocco didn't happen. I realized that I had nothing major to do on my to do list, and that makes me sad. I can only go so long without having an plan.

So I made a list, every weekend I was going to tackle a project (organizing my photos, scrapbooking, dealing with some apartment things). Then I made my new fitness resolutions, so I had that plan too. I had a list again. But the funny thing was, now that I had made the list of stuff to do in my free free time suddenly disappeared!

This weekend was one of the busiest weekend's I have had in Toronto and I loved every minute of it. I hit up Body Jam on Friday as per usual, then came home and chilled. On Saturday I had to get up early because I had an interview with the Tutor Doctor Program (same company I tutored with in Halifax last spring). I decided that one of the things I could do on my free time (and make some spending money) was tutoring. So I met up with the tutor doctor guy, and signed up to start tutoring 2-3 students, that will definitely keep me busy!

After the interview, which was near Yonge and Bloor, I had to go to HOT YOGA at King and Bloor. I had a lot of time to spare, so I grabbed a coffee, read a paper, and then walked over to the Subway. I had just paid my fare, when the subway BROKE (there was a flood at one of the stations, so all south bound trains weren' t running) so I decided instead of waiting for a packed shuttle bus, to walk to Yoga. It seemed like a crazy thing to do, but I just googled mapped it and it was only 2.5 km, which is a good hike, but nothing insane. The insane thing was doing that and doing a hour and a half of SUPER hot Yoga. I was done by the end of the class, but it felt amazing!! (Side bar: I did 4 hours of exercise last week! Yay!)

After yoga, and recovering from yoga by eating an entire Mango, Mike and I hit up Costco for copious amounts of meat. Seriously we bought enough meat to last us 2-3 months. Crazy! After Costco/ normal groceries we quickly drove home unpacked the copious amount of meat and went to a lacrosse game! We splurged at got a hotdog and some beers. It was the best hot dog ever. After that we came home and watched Unstoppable on Netflix, it was actually a pretty good movie.

Whew writing all that makes me tired. And it didn't stop there! On Sunday one of my friends from Halifax was in town visiting her sister, so we met up for lunch at a really good Japanese noodle place near Bloor and Spadina, and then we walked around Kensington Market. All the hipsters were out. It was a pretty cold day and this one hipster was like "I don't like wearing jackets" as he froze to death wearing a blazer. Oh Kensington market.  I came back home and pretty much immediately headed back up to Spadina and Bloor to meet up with a childhood/highschool friend who is doing her Masters in Toronto. It was really nice to reconnect with her! We grabbed a coffee, and chatted for a few hours!

I came home and had a quick phone chat with my friend Lynsey, and then with my famjam, then I finally got around to cleaning and prepping for the week. Even with doing all that I (with big help from Mike) had a delicious steak, sweet potato, and asparagus supper (favorite supper ever!) and then I put together a cabbage roll casserole in the slow cooker for tonight's dinner. Whew!

Today I went to work and then went to Zumba, and then I tutored, then I came home and ate the above mentioned cabbage roll casserole, and then finished up the dishes. And now I am blogging. And very soon I will be asleep. Whew.

The crazy thing is all the laundry is done, groceries are done, dishes are done, and gymmage is happening even though I was that busy! Nutso. Only thing I didn't get done was taking pictures for the blog. Oh wells! Can't do it all!

At some point this week I am planning a more fitness/gym related post, so stay tuned!

Anyone else get more done the busier they are? Anyone else buy a copious amount of meat this weekend?

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